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Panorama Jazz Band at Donau115 / Friday, 19.08.2016

The members of the Panorama Jazz Band need no electricity to fire up their instruments, they express natural human energy and bring their party to any bar room, street corner, living room, back porch or international music festival.

Originally formed in 1995 as a trio for a friend’s wedding, Panorama Jazz caught fire with the fun-loving, wild New Orleans crowd and turned into a bonafide seven-piece international party band.

The eclectic band — comprised of bandleader/clarinetist Ben Schenck, banjo player Patrick Mackey (two of the only remaining founders), drummer Doug Garrison (The Iguanas), alto saxophonist Aurora Nealand, trombonist Charlie Halloran, sousaphonist Matt Perrine, and accordionist Matt Schreiber — drops in on the world music of Eastern Europe, Latin America, and the Caribbean, through its own funky, fierce New Orleans filter.

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The instruments in this band have been inspiring people to dance for generations and the group’s repertoire draws on the most exciting music from around the world: funky New Orleans Jazz, tropical rhythms of the Caribbean and exotic melodies of Eastern Europe. When they play feet stomp, hands clap and butts shake. Rowdy or gentle, sweet or hot – people move!

Panorama Jazz Band LIVE

Friday, 19th August 2016 | 21:00 CET
Donau115 | Donaustrasse 115 | 12043 Berlin-Neukölln

panoramajazzband.com | donau115.de




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