Grand Jeté w/ Acid Maria, T.B. Arthur, Phuong-Dan at OHM / Thursday, 18.08.2016

Grand Jeté is a club music series at OHM, located in the industrial complex of Kraftwerk Berlin in the immediate vicinity of TRESOR. Started in 2014, this year’s Grand Jeté series again presents extraordinary electronic DJs and live acts on four Thursdays from June to October 2016.

The participating artists come from different musical backgrounds, however all performances at Grand Jeté have one thing in common: the exploration of rhythm and sound. A thrilling listening and dance event guaranteed.

Acid Maria began to play records on December 6th in 1992 at a tiny location in Munich. “When for the first time after a break people threw
their arms into the air to welcome the bass drum, to me it had happened. I knew: this is what I want to do!” From Munich she started her travels
all over the world.

Her style in music today ranges from minimal-rhythms to significant quotations and cannot be put into precise definition. Always led by her enthusiasm for great tunes she wants to be shared. Acid Maria has cooperated and released records with friends like Steve Bug, Gebrüder Teichmann, Markus Güntner (Ware), Abe Duque, Steril and with DJ-friend Electric Indigo.

The further you look into “T.B. Arthur” the murkier it all becomes. Rather like the story of the mysterious “Lewis” in a very different area of music, it all seems a bit too perfect. The over-amped analogue machines, the extraordinary psychedelic qualities of the music, the stories of dusty warehouses and hints of distant raves, the messages in run-out grooves like secret messages from times past: it’s all so perfectly designed to press the buttons of techno vinyl fetishists it can’t be real.

Can it? Our contacts at Hard Wax are not the most communicative – like Hard Wax ever has been, right? But the one thing they have been absolutely emphatic about is that despite forum chatter, this is not some secret project for Adam X, or Shed, or anyone else. To be precise: “T.B. Arthur is T.B. Arthur and will remain so despite the speculations”. (Joe Muggs, Boiler Room Upfront)

Phuong-Dan is a renowned DJ from Hamburg. For over a decade now he is both resident and host at legendary St. Pauli underground venue Golden Pudel Club. Since seven years he runs the club-night Gatto Musculoso.

He is an eclectic DJ who mixes anything from contemporary underground techno to post-punk, EBM, rare disco grooves and more experimental
stuff, never restricting himself to a certain genre or a specific decade. Phuong-Dan has brought his vinyl bag all over Europe, from underground clubs to art festivals, and is a regular and beloved guest at Salon des Amateurs.

This event is presented by Digital in Berlin. Check out our Facebook page to win tickets.

Grand Jeté w/ Acid Maria, T.B. Arthur, Phuong-Dan

Thursday, 18th August 2016 | 23:00 CET
OHM | Köpenicker Str. 70 | 10179 Berlin/Mitte | | |


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