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D/B Recommended: Oneida & B/B/S/ @ Comet Berlin | Monday, 18.03.2013

Brooklyn’s genre-defying Oneida take their primary cues from ’60s garage and punk bands (especially MC5).

But they throw in plenty of heavy, bluesy ’70s stoner rock (think Blue Cheer, Foghat, etc.) plus dashes of jerky synth pop, avant-garde jazz, and Krautrock.

Originally featuring guitarist/vocalist Papa Crazy (aka PCRZ), keyboardist Bobby Matador (aka Fat Bobby), drummer Kid Millions, and bassist/guitarist Hanoi Jane (aka Baby Jane), the group made a name for itself in the New York area by virtue of its raucous live performances, which were frequently conducted in lofts and warehouses.

Oneida | A List Of The Burning Mountains

Oneida’s 1997 debut, A Place Called El Shaddai’s, was released by Turnbuckle, but by 1999’s Enemy Hogs, they had moved to Jagjaguwar. They were especially prolific in 2000, releasing both the Steel Rod EP and the full-length Come on Everybody Let’s Rock.

They continued to issue albums at a relatively swift pace, issuing Anthem of the Moon in 2001 (the last record to feature Papa Crazy, who split from the band in late 2001) and Each One Teach One a year later.

Oneida | Sheets Of Easter

Atheists, Reconsider, a split EP with the equally formidable Liars, also came out that year on the Arena Rock Recording Company imprint. Oneida released their sixth (and best) album, Secret Wars, in 2003, and also wrote and recorded the score for Speedo, a documentary about Long Island and New Jersey’s demolition derby circuit, that year.

Unfortunately, the music was for the most part left out of the finished film. That didn’t slow Oneida down much, though, as they released the Nice./Splittin’ Peaches EP for Ace Fu in late 2004, followed in early 2005 by the ambitious, string-tinged The Wedding and 2006’s death and rebirth-themed Happy New Year.

Oneida | Treasure Plane

In 2008, Oneida announced their next endeavor, Thank Your Parents, a musical triptych challenging the band to further experiment with rhythm, harmony, and tonality.

The first installment, Preteen Weaponry, came that August, followed in 2009 by the triple album Rated O, with Absolute II closing out the project in June 2011.

Oneida | All Arounder

A List of the Burning Mountains is the latest studio album. It was recorded at the Ocropolis, the band’s longtime studio, and it is a powerful, sweeping gesture that evokes the storied history of that space and Oneida’s dedication to a diehard independent music and art community in fashion-driven Brooklyn.

This is true underground sound from a band that has released twelve albums in fifteen years and has been hailed by the New York Times, NPR, Time Out NY and the Village Voice as an original, essential voice in the history of New York’s towering experimental music lineage.

B/B/S/ | Live in Tincques, France

Berlin might be known as the home of modernist minimal techno, but beneath the teutonic shuffle of Berghain and the Panorama Bar there’s something darker happening in the continental artistic hotbed.

Here is where Miasmah boss Erik Skodvin (Svarte Greiner) came in contact with experimental don Andrea Belfi and drone metal stalwart Aidan Baker (of Nadja), and before long they were holed up in a studio, distilling their influences into one dense cloud of instrumental bleakness.
With Skodvin manning the guitar, Belfi on percussion and Baker on bass and guitar, we have the makings of a traditional band, but the result is anything but.

Oneida & B/B/S/  LIVE
presented by Puschen

Monday, 18 March 2013 | 20:00 CET
Comet Club | Falckensteinstraße 47 | 10997 Berlin/Kreuzberg

enemyhogs.com | jagjaguwar.com/oneida