D/B Recommended: Exhibition & Performance: Nuno da Luz “Laissez Vibrer” @ Enblanco Berlin | Saturday, 18.05.2013

After 4 years packed with many great exhibitions, concerts and workshops, the project space Enblanco in Kreuzberg presents its last exhibition.
Nuno da Luz | c'mon, 2011 | Exhibition view
“Laissez Vibrer” by portuguese artist Nuno da Luz is an installation that deals with wind noises and ambience sounds.

The expression laissez vibrer comes from a musical notation for percussion, in other languages “let vibrate”, “lasciare vibrate” or “klingen lassen”.

Nuno da Luz | Zetesis

It’s a directive to the performer of an instrument that the sound should not be damped or stopped after the initial attack, but should be allowed to die away naturally.

In this case the expression laissez vibrer also refers to attempt of the artist to make “visible” what it has been hidden the sound landscape of the project space during these last four years.

James Tenney | Having Never Written a Note for Percussion | Brad Meyer

Besides that da Luz aims to denote the influence of sound, how it surrounds people and can become consciously or unconsciously crucial to other visual or sonic pieces; this connexion is pictured by the work installed at the facade of the building, a light sign that gets modulated by the sounds – wind recordings – of the inside.

By taking out the windows, Nuno da Luz allows the diversity of sounds from the outside to enter the room, therefore making it possible to listen to what is usually heard on the street, from the very loud motor car’s sound to the legerity of leafs.

James Tenney | Having Never Written a Note for Percussion | Sonic Youth

For this exhibition the sound artist da Luz has invited the four drummers Felix Classen, Gatis Silde, Marten Rux and Tobias Kleine to perform together a version of James Tenney’s composition “Having never written a note for percussion” during the opening.

With four cymbals of different sizes and timbres, the musicians will explore the boundaries of each instrument’s sound in combination with Nuno da Luz’s sound installation. This is comprised of one soundpiece – made with field/wind recordings – and the ambience sound of the project space.

The performance starts at 8pm sharp.

Nuno da Luz  “Laissez Vibrer”

Exhibition: Saturday, 18 May – Saturday, 01 June | 2013
Opening: Saturday,  18 May | 19:00
Performance: Saturday, 18 May | 20:00 sharp

Saturday, 18 May 2013 | 19:00 CET
Enblanco | Manteuffelstr. 73 | 10999 Berlin/Kreuzberg

atlasprojectos.net/nunodaluz | enblanco.de