Noise Floor at ausland / Friday, 21.02.2020

UdK and Ausland present Noise Floor: new multi-format works from Universität der Künste Berlin questioning the concept of ‘new noise’, as inspired by Italian Futurist Luigi Russolo’s 1913 manifesto ‘The Art of Noise’.

Using the manifesto as a theoretical framework, each work attempts to unfold, disrupt, contemplate or disseminate the ineffable meaning of ‘noise’ in the present age, using an arrangement of sonic and visual materials, photography, video, and various performative elements to define or raise questions as to what noise may be and how it may influence the lives of both human and non-human species.

Russolo’s definition of ’noise’ proposed the notion of sounds from industrial equipment making its way into music, questioning what sounds could be permissible in ‘music’ at the time. In the year 1913, it was inconceivable to use such harsh and alarming sounds to comprise music. Over 100 years later, however, ‘noise’ in art and in music has become so commonplace that it is a recognized musical genre.

In navigating ourselves through a world of sound where everything has already been done and anything is conceivable and valid, what are the possibilities/impossibilities in defining ‘noise’ today? In a combination of installations and performances, eight artists bring the noise, whether to be immersed in, navigated through, mulled over, or surprised by, between humans and non-humans alike.

Installations by: Hikari Tanaka, Aodhagán O’Flaherty, Ani Samperi, and Freya Van Husen.
Performances by: TAAHLIAH, Moritz Zeisner + Martin Haug, Enzo Galland, and Dornika Kazerani (AKA Many Faced Godx).

Noise Floor

Friday, 21st February 2020 | Doors 18:00 CET Performances 21:00
ausland | Lychener Str. 60 | 10437 Berlin

ausland Berlin | | Event @ Facebook

Photo by Lutz Scherwinski

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