Picture: Neta Polturak "Sorcerer" by Catarina Balbini
Picture: Neta Polturak “Sorcerer” by Catarina Balbini

Neta Polturak’s “Every Magic Has Its Cost” record release at Arkaoda / Wednesday, 22.3.2023

Neta Polturak, former and leading figure behind the Minimal-Dream-Kraut band “Moon Gear” – is finally back in Berlin just in time to come out with her cinematic solo-debut “Every Magic Has Its Cost”.

‘Every Magic’ (in short) will mark Polturak’s longly anticipated first Live-band album. The album was recorded in Israel in a power-trio format, with Israeli musicians Michael Itzaky and Or Dromi, and will be played Live with virtuous Berlin based players: Drummer-Scientist Uno Bruniusson (Perkwuno), and the Post-war Minimal Bass-player Tamir Chen. Released In a magnetic live-concert given by undoubtedly of the most fascinating performers this town has seen since the days the wall stood tall upon the city.

Berlin’s sky-line may recall Polturak from the shows she gave with “Moon Gear” (where she collaborated with Eilon Elikam and keyboard tormenter Eleni Poulou from the English band “The Fall” ), For the burning mark Polturak’s formed bands has made on the Berlin music scene was quite unprecedented. especially when put under the strict fog of our digital era. Polturak’s analog method of communication somehow managed to seep through, the androgynous musician was relentlessly supported by most prominent musicians, promoters, venue-holders and diverse audiences of the mid-European city.

Contradictory to Moon Gear’s home-record method of work, ‘Every Magic’ (in short) will mark Neta’s first Live-band album. The album was produced by Polturak with assistance from Dirk Dresselhaus (Schneider TM), Overdubs to the album were made by Polturak in various studios, with untraditional instruments such as Harmonium, Celesta, or Dresselhaus’s industrial metal percussions.

The release will expose musical pieces composed, written and arranged by Polturak over the span of 14 years. Hopefully such releasing event will be the first chance of many to come for us to garner a look inside the mythical craft, of one of the most promising young talents in the endangered fields of pure-hearted, undercurrent Rock & Roll

Neta Polturak’s “Every Magic Has Its Cost” Record Release Concert

Wednesday, 22.3.2023
Arkaoda Berlin | Karl-Marx-Platz 16-18 in 12043 Berlin
Tickets at the door

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