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D/B Recommended: Neoangin & Nova Huta & Krach der Roboter @ Monarch Berlin | Sunday, 21.01.2012

Jim Avignon wanders through life on adventurous paths.

[audio:xxx-xxx.mp3]A painter in techno clubs, a party animal in Berlin, a festival organiser in Moscow and, again and again, on the road with his one-man-band Neoangin – no doubt, the global player of the under ground prefers life to be diverse.

Jim Avignon has long been a trademark , myth and legend as a painter of cartoonish big city panoramas, while as Neoangin he delivers playful songs with multi-layered structures that derive from any genre.

Both his gaudy pictures and his one-and-a half-minute long pop gems, contribute to his particular appeal but above all it is his unique talent to make serious issues consumable as catchy art. A laptop, a microphone and a whimsical melody – the one-man-big-band doesn’t need more to produce the magic balance between melancholy and high spirits.

Neoangin | Middle Class Hell

Günter Reznicek is Nova Huta. A unique character: he, his Casio keyboard and what he defines as “datschadelic music”. All in one. A showman and at the same time a sonorous investigator.

Creator of unstoppable, magnificent and subversive songs that could be defined as gum-robot-pop-disco-electro-dada and at the same time a musician with a long history in noisy experimentation and in the most radical electroacoustic.

Deriving from a secret government project Krach der Roboter was develloped in the early years of the third millenium.

After experiments with self-similarity based code structures, Krach refused to provide it s artificial intelligence to maintain authoritarian society structures and devoted himself relentlessly to music, cooking and feeding ducks.

Neoangin & Nova Huta & Krach der Roboter  LIVE

Sunday, 22 January 2012 | 20:00 CET
Monarch | Skalitzer STr. 134 | 10999 Berlin/Kreuzberg

jimavignon.com | myspace.com/novahuta | myspace.com/krachderroboter