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Die Nächte des Ramadan w/ Murat Ertel, Schneider TM, Yuko Matsuyama at Acud / Wednesday, 01.07.2015

Ramadan – a time of fasting and nocturnal celebration – offers an opportunity for cultural events in many cities around the world after the nightly fast-breaking. Along with the “Ramadan Nights” in London and Tokyo, and “Les belles nuits du Ramadan” in Paris, “Die Nächte des Ramadan” in Berlin are firmly rooted in the city’s cultural calendar and are unique in Germany. With concerts and performances, film and literature, discussions and collective fast-breaking, “Die Nächte des Ramadan” seek to provide an insight into the past and present of various Muslim­influenced cultures.

Concerts, discussions, fast-breaking: “The nights of Ramadan” festival combines the fasting month Ramadan with a varied cultural program. It invites you to get to know Berlin musicians and to gain insight into different muslim cultures.


This year, the focus of the nights of Ramadan — Feast of Diversity is of 27 selected musicians from Berlin and their different cultural backgrounds — from traditions of the past to modern, cross-genre experiments. The spectrum of the cultural festival ranges from concerts to discussions through to the common fast-breaking (iftar). The nights of Ramadan invite this year to gain insight into many different cultures and to discover new places. Especially in Berlin, the city with the largest Muslim population in Germany, Ramadan should be recognised as a cultural highlight, whose festive character is reflected in the cultural offer of the city and offers a further element to support the city’s integration policies.

In the “Nights of Ramadan” concert night at Acud, Murat Ertel of Istanbul based psychedelic band BaBa ZuLa will perform together with dancer and musician Yuko Matsuyama and Berlin’s underground icon Schneider TM, to exchange their creative ideas. The collaboration interweaves different musical stylen and cultural traditions and transcends borders without blurring the origins. The diverse cultural backgrounds auf the three artists (Turkey, Japan, Germany) will create a new sonic language and will set free a very own energy, channeled through improvised compositions.

Die Nächte des Ramadan w/ Murat Ertel, Schneider TM, Yuko Matsuyama

Wednesday, 01 July 2015 | 20:00 CET
Acud Macht Neu! | Veteranenstr. 21 | 10119 Berlin/Mitte

www.naechtedesramadan.de | acudmachtneu.de


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