múm at Zeiss-Großplanetarium Berlin / Thursday & Friday, 26-27.09.2019

As part of their ‘Yesterday Was Dramatic, Today Is Ok’ 20th Anniversary tour Icelandic electronica band múm come to the Planetarium in Prenzlauer Berg for 2 special concerts this September celebrating this classic release on Morr Music.

Iceland pop experimentalists Múm met while working on a children’s play. Formed by Gunnar Örn Tynes, Örvar Smárason, and classically trained twin sisters Gyda and Kristín Anna Valtysdóttir in 1997, they soon became electronic key-figures. múm have released on Morr Music & Fat Cat Records & are one of Iceland’s most important pop outfits. The band’s lineup is in a state of constant change. So is their music.

Introduction by Örvar (múm): “This album was recorded very shortly after me and Gunni met Kristín and Gyda and we became a four people band. We had just been two in the band before and released a split “10 with the girl-band Spunk and played a few concerts. Yesterday was dramatic – today is ok was mostly recorded in a tiny, sweaty room in the summer of 1999 with carpenters banging nails around us, but sometimes we put on headphones so we couldn’t hear them.

It was originally released on an Icelandic label called Thule, but early on a number of disputes came up, which ended up dragging on for many years. Fighting over music is both sad and kind of boring, but sometimes there is really nothing else you can do. For us it is something worth fighting for. We have the rights for the record back now and are really happy to be re-releasing it on our friends label where it seems to fit in like home. And we have at last managed to make it sound pretty good, the way we always wanted, with the help of our friend Helmut Erler at dubplates and mastering. Let’s hope things are finally OK. This is the first proper Europe and USA wide release of this album, fully supported by distribution companies who are in direct contact with the record label.”

múm LIVE

Thursday & Friday 26-27th September 2019 | Doors 19:00 | Start 20:00
Prenzlauer Allee 80 | 10405 Berlin | Germany

mum.is | umlautlive.de | Event @ Facebook

Press photo courtesy of schoneberg.de

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