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Dripping Point in 4DSOUND at MONOM / Saturday, 22.1.2022

As part of Vorspiel / transmediale & CTM, MONOM presents new spatialised sound works that dive deep into the biology of disturbance, proposing new ways to confront the distress over oceanic biodiversity loss. Exploring transgressive frequencies and vertical depths, Dripping Point invites the listener for body attunement through its dislocation in space.

2182 kHz by Francisca Rocha Gonçalves focuses on the problem of underwater noise pollution and the concept of “auditory masking”. It offers a sensory exploration of geologic, biologic and anthropogenic sounds, revealing the potential challenges aquatic fauna face to communicate. It is inspired by the radio frequency 2182 kHz, one of the international calling and distress frequencies for maritime radiocommunication. From a great height by Walter Sallinen examines subsidence and love for grief. It’s an eerie invitation into an underwater world of the hidden depths and transgressing powers, playing with the emancipatory potentials of lamentation. SUB-BASS RELAXATION SESSION Live by Stefanie Egedy is a low-frequency sound bath that explores the relaxing potential contained in sound waves and subwoofers of the nervous system and the body.

Farah Hazim is an intermedia artist and improviser, investigating experimental and improvised forms of sound art, and exploring alternative inquiries into hearing, listening and experiencing within a variety of compositional and improvisational contexts.

Francisca Rocha Gonçalves is a researcher from Porto with a degree in Veterinary Medicine from ICBAS (University of Porto), a Multimedia Master in Interactive Music and Sound Design from FEUP (University of Porto), and enrolled in a Digital Media PhD at FEUP (University of Porto) under the program UT Austin | Portugal CoLab. Presently she is a guest researcher at the IGB – Leibniz Institute of Freshwater Ecologies and Inland Fisheries supported by FCT Portugal (Science and Technology Foundation), collaborating with the Aquatag Project.

Walter Sallinen is a Helsinki-based composer and sound artist. Sallinen’s artistic practice explores the potential of interdisciplinarity both as a compositional tool and as a key for unforeseen collaborative concepts. Following the spatial exploration of ever-ascending and -accelerating pitches and rhythms in the electroacoustic sound ritual UXO, Sallinen has deepened his interest in creating architectural sonic states as reflections of an all too hyper-normalised reality.

Stefanie Egedy is a sound worker that operates as an artist, whose practice evolves around sound. Her motto is sub-bass, bass sounds, subwoofers, and their capacity to reveal themselves as present in a space. Exploring human and architectural bodies, the interactions and potential for new creations are of greatest interest. Besieged by this scenario, Stefanie articulates the cross-over between sonorous and musical language to investigate communication between beings.

MONOM + Vorspiel / transmediale & CTM presents: Dripping Point in 4DSOUND

22.& 23.01.2022 | Doors 20:00 CET | Starts 20:00 CET
MONOM | Nalepastr.18 | 12459 | Event @ Facebook | Tickets

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