monika werkstatt w/ Gudrun Gut, Islaja, Danielle de Piciotto and Sonae at Roter Salon Berlin / Sunday, 06.12.2015

Berlin based label monika enterprise presents the first in a new series called „monika workshop“. The focus is on the works of the artists and interaction with the audience. There will be multiple monika workshop events with discussions and the presentation of new works that are still in creation. Space for development will be a strong theme, but hits and fun won’t be left out. New entertainment – and informative and charming at that. All under the motto: meaningful entertainment.

Berlin musician, composer, producer and broadcaster, Gudrun Gut is a seminal figure in the German music scene and founder of the monika enterprise label. Through her ever-changing interdisciplinary music-based practice and regular output of recordings and performance activity, she has maintained a high profile in Europe for over thirty years.

In underground circles Merja Kokkonen, or Islaja, is a respected avant-garde artist. A visual artist as well as a musician, multi-talent Islaja has played all the instruments on her album herself. Singing in Finnish, her magnificent voice sounds all the more magical. Her albums have been released on Ecstatic Peace, the label of van Sonic Youth guitarist Thurston Moore. She is also a member of the free folk ‘supertrio’ Hertta Lussu Ässä.

Danielle de Picciotto is an American born artist, musician and film maker. She was born in Tacoma, Washington, USA, but now lives and works in Berlin, Germany. In 1989 Danielle, along with partner Dr Motte, founded the first Berlin Love Parade. De Picciotto just released her new album Tacoma on monika’s sister label Moabit.

Sonae put out her first release in August 2012 with the two-track EP ‘Cologne’ on Ambient & Electronica label A Strangely Isolated Place. Her remix of ‘Saint’ by Markus Guentner followed in 2013, a compilation release for ‘Entmutigt’, and ‘Song of Hate and Anger’ was included as the last track on Markus Guentner’s exclusive mixtape for Substrata Festival which also featured artists such as Ismael Pinkler, Gustavo Lamas and Rafael Anton Irisarri.

This event is presented by Digital in Berlin. Check out our Facebook page to win tickets.

monika werkstatt w/ Gudrun Gut, Islaja, Danielle de Piciotto and Sonae

Sunday, 6th December 2015 | 20:00 CET
Roter Salon in der Volksbühne | Rosa-Luxemburg-Platz | 10178 Berlin/Mitte | |

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