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D/B Recommended: Int. Klavierfestival ModernSoloPiano | 18.-21.8.2010 @ Babylon Berlin Mitte

ModernSoloPiano is a movement. The piano has been the central instrument for composition and musical contribution for centuries.
[audio:hauschka_01_ginsterweg.mp3] During the whole of its development it has consistently helped great artists to emerge. However, in the last few decades an elitist sclerosis has established itself. The individual genres have cut themselves off.

They are self-selecting and believe themselves to be at the vanguard of a new developmet. Yet they are only part of the whole movement. ModernSoloPiano is an interdisciplinary network of international solo pianists which represents jazz, pop, classical and new music and all symbiotic forms and demonstrates that solo piano not only exists but is, above all, varied, exciting and beautiful.

Babylon Kino Berlin Mitte

In an interconnected and global world  it provides an international and interdisciplinary podium for music of the highest quality and contributes an important impetus in musical development.

Katarzyna Kluczynska

With Aki Takase | Alexander von Schlippenbach | Axel Zwingenberger | Bugge Wesseltoft | Christoph Binder | Dustin O´Halloran | Gregor Heinze | Hauschka | Hermann Keller | Katarzyna Kluczynska | Maria Lettberg | Nik Bärtsch | Sebastian Schunke | Sonja & Shanti Sungkono

Eröffnet wird das Festival am 18. August um 20 Uhr mit der Berlin-Premiere des neuen Films PIANO-ENCOUNTERS – BEGEGNUNGEN AM KLAVIER von Enrique Sánchez Lansch, u. a. Regisseur von RHYTHM IS IT!.


Int. Klavierfestival ModernSoloPiano

Babylon Kino | Rosa-Luxemburg-Straße 30 | 10178 Berlin, Germany