D/B Recommended: Miasmah labelnight feat. Simon Scott, Svarte Greiner and Jasper TX


Miasmah music is a label dedicated to spreading inspirational / environmental / atmospheric / individual and related music, without having to go through a large printing/advertising process.. Instead delivering directly to the listener.

Miasmah was started as a downtempo/triphop label, but is now trying to move further into new landscapes of the underground scene. Miasmah music is interested in everything from experimental soundscapes/cinematic textures to lofi/abstract/hiphop and modern folk sounds. Highly recommended!


Jasper TX – Summer

Jasper TX is the musical moniker of Sweden’s Dag Rosenqvist. Using electric and acoustic guitar, piano, pump organ, melodica, glockenspiel, voice and various other instruments as a foundation for his compositions, Dag has managed to create his own musical universe where elements of post rock, drone, improvisation, noise and lo-fi aesthetics mixed with a more melodic, pop sensibility has resulted in something quite unique.

Since his debut album ‘I’ll Be Long Gone Before My Light Reaches You’ on the English label Lampse, Dag has been releasing albums and on labels such as Fang Bomb, Kning Disk and SMTG Limited as well as Miasmah. Over the last couple of years he has performed live in the United Kingdom, Norway, Belgium, Sweden and recently embarked on a tour of the USA. Dag Rosenqvist is currently residing in Gothenburg, Sweden.


Svarte Greiner – Final Sleep

Svarte Greiner is the alias of Erik Skodvin, one half of Deaf Center and label manager of Miasmah recordings. Through his releases with Type Records, notably Deaf Center’s ‘Pale Ravine’, Skodvin helped to shape his own genre of dark, classically-informed ambient music. Taking influence from his muse, Angelo Badalamenti, his Svarte Greiner alias explores deeper into a dark, mysterious and disturbing universe, drawing inspiration from artists such as Earth, Volcano the Bear, David Darling and Deathprod along the way.

As well as releases a handful of limited cassette and vinyl releases in the last years, his love of horror film cinematics have also directly fed into the label roster of Miasmah. Seeing the label as “a cultural institution for inspirational and atmospherical outputs in diverse forms”, its artists have become almost like a large international family.

Live, he improvises around bowed guitar, violins or other string instruments – adding effects, vocals, vinyl crackle, and a whole world of other sounds to create something truly unique.



Simon Scott may be new to the Miasmah label, but his past in music is varied and hugely influential. As the drummer in Slowdive, Scott got to work with Brian Eno and helped to change the idea of what a “rock band” can accomplish. ‘Souvlaki’, perhaps the band’s most well-received album, even earned itself a place of The Guardian’s “50 Albums to Hear Before you Die” list.

Since leaving Slowdive, Scott has worked with bands such as Epic 45, The Sight Below, Jamie Liddell and Chapterhouse – as well as working as a producer / remixer / collaborator with a host of contemporary acts including Taylor Deupree, Hannu, Steinbruchel, Machinefabriek, Akira Kosemura, Populous, ON, Klimek, Emanuele Errante, Xela and Rafael Anton Irisarri. He also is one half of Seavault (on Morr Music) with A.Ryan from Isan, and can also sometimes be heard under the name Televise. Somehow Scott found time between all his other activities to record ‘Navigare’, his first solo album. Its shimmering yet distant melodies could remind you of labels such as 12k or the output of Machinefabriek, but ultimately the album finds a perfect home with Miasmah.