D/B Artist Feature: FJORDNE

FJORDNE is the solo projekt of Shunichiro Fujimoto from Tokio. Based one two concepts, “sounds texture” and “twisted time”, he utilises an array of acoustic instruments and transforms his sounds into a new time span using the notebook. He released four beautiful albums on four different labels.

[audio:Toasts for Breakfast.mp3]


“torn out” FJORDNE@SuperDeluxe, Tokyo 2009

“THE SETTING SUN” is FJORDNE’s 4th album since the succession of 3 albums released in 2008 by Ryoondo Tea (Japan), Dynamophone Records (US) and U-Cover (Belgium), which received rave reviews mainly in the European community for his visually concoctive compositions. FJORDNE is also known as Shunichiro Fujimoto (b.1980). Born in Japan, he grew up in South East Asia and America before moving back to Tokyo, where he is currently based.

In the winter of early 2009, FJORDNE worked on “THE SETTING SUN” inspired by the classic Japanese literature “Shayo” (1947) by Osamu Dazai, recreating through sound the introspection and pastoral lyricism of Dazai’s language. “THE SETTING SUN” underlines his mastery of melody and dissonance through an ensemble of acoustic instruments such as piano, guitars and strings embodied in layers of dense sonic textures and disorder, transforming his sounds into a new time span.

Packaged in Kitchen. customized 6 fold accordion photo album, the essence of “THE SETTING SUN” is made visible by artwork provided by April Lee (one half of aspidistrafly and artist for Kitchen.). Employing the progression and pause of time, the flow of the images gently echo FJORDNE’s interpretation to reveal this carefully hidden world.