D/B Recommended: MIASMAH EVENING (JUV RELEASE + SVARTE GREINER LIVE) @ NK Project Berlin | Saturday, 26.02.2011/

The Release/listening party for the 13 year old lost album by Norwegian duo Juv. There will also be a Svarte Greiner experimentation set using turntable & effects + the fresh Juv LP. Are Mokkelbost will be djing alongside Erik K Skodvin the rest of the evening.

[audio:svarte_greiner–the_boat_was_my_friend.mp3]Juv is the Norwegian duo of Are Mokkelbost and Marius von der Fehr, who recently met again after 13 years of no contact. The aim was to release their first album, all of which was recorded between 1996/98.

Following a strict methodology within limited means, sampler-derived minimalism, guitar abstraction and field recordings were key ingredients. Making and performing the music became rites of change, slowly leaving the isolation of the bedroom studio and allowing the music to grant access to the outside world. And so it is music of waiting and marking time, listening and imagining ˆ and mourning the loss of innocence.

Juv was a remote island in a time when experimental doom, black metal and noise was blossoming. Partly unknowing of and partly indifferent to the specifics of these genres, Juv cultivated a strangely similar spirit of abstracted negative energy. Due to a personal conflict the work on the planned album abruptly stopped. Only two years ago Are Mokkelbost started compiling the album and rediscovered hours of music, rescued from tapes in a suitcase and brought to you by Miasmah.

Svarte Greiner | Final Sleep

Svarte Greiner is the one man project of Erik K. Skodvin (half of the duo Deaf Center & label manager of the Miasmah label). While the duo creates dusty grey soundscapes in a surrealistic world of sounds not far from that of David Lynch/Angelo Badalamenti, Svarte Greiner is further exploration into a more dark, mysterious & disturbed universe. Drawing inspirations from artists such as Earth, Volcano the bear, David Darling & Deathprod, the output is draped in lynchian mysticism & horror film cinematics.

Are Mokkelbost is maybe most known as visual artist working with highly detailed collagé work, though his ventures in sound experimentations are equally vast with projects like KILLL, ARM, Single Unit, Dausteg and now Juv.


21:00 – Doors + Juv recor…d spinthrough start
22:30 – Svarte Greiner
23:00 > Dj Are Mokkelbost (Juv/Killl/Single Unit) + Dj Knive (Miasmah)

Saturday, 26 February 2011 | 20:00 CET
NK Project | Elsen str 52 2HH (second backyard) | 12059 Berlin/Neukölln

http://www.nkprojekt.de | http://www.b-o-r-g.org | http://www.miasmah.com