D/B Recommended: Mi Ami @ Raum18 / Saturday 22.05.10

The disco punk trio from west coast USA make their anticipated return to
Berlin as part of their ‘Steal Your Face’ tour; promoting their new album on Chicago’s excellent Thrill Jockey label.

Taking in elements of dub, techno, punk and of course rock, they really are in world of their own. A world where people have fun and party hard to drums, bass and synth and then explode in torrents of raw energy as guitar and voice ignite. Quality local support comes from Ben Butler & Mousepad and O Tannenbaum DJs.

Echononecho / Mi Ami

Berlin based drum and electronic mayhem! Ben Butler & Mouse Pad is Joe Gay Against You/Germlin’s new project with Bastian Hagedorn. Anyone exposed to the furious shake & pop of pixelated DIY dance fury from either act know to expect excellence. It’s analogue electro-pop dance music for people raised in the digital age who want to party like its 2999. And if you’re keen to hear more from them there will be a Ben Butler & Mousepad DJ set at the upcoming D/B presents Scottronics event.

Ben Butler & Mousepad / Supermotion

O Tannenbaum are a DJ team originally from Holland but now based Berlin. Their music is a highly eclectic mix of the magical tribal vibes, forgotten and unforgotten 80’s & 90’s dancefloor hits, wave, 70’s electropop, dancehall, acid, cumbia, 50’s & 60’s rarities, but mostly stuff you never ever heard before. Armed with a disregard for BPM that Peel would have been proud of, Tannenbaum keep people dancing like no one else. Currently putting the finishing touches to their new O Tannenbaum space which is due to open in June, don’t miss whats sure to be another sensational DJ set.


Mi Ami

Ben Butler & Mousepad

O Tannenbaum DJs

Saturday 22nd May 2010 | 22:00 CET | €7 before midnight, €8 after

Raum 18 / Ziegrastraße 11 / 12057 Berlin – Neukölln

www.myspace.com/miamiamiami | http://raum18-berlin.com/