Photo Credit: Pablo Diserens
Photo Credit: Pablo Diserens

Melantónia w/ Mattia Onori, Slowfoam and SSIEGE at Morphine Raum / Saturday, 27.4.2024

Melantónia, a Berlin and Umbria-based music platform founded by Hanna Maria & Mattia Onori in 2021, introduces a new concert series starting on April 27th at Morphine Raum. Following the latest venture by Grand River and Sofie Birch, Melantónia continues to pave the trail of abstract sonic artistry, this time with a 3-live act evening by Mattia Onori, Slowfoam and SSIEGE.

After Onori’s last month’s live appearance presenting the work Tra Vento E Oscurità out on Naarm’s Southern Lights, the sound artist and designer will call on the audience to another mediation beyond traditional music patterns through autonomous sound generators and granular synthesizers. Mattia Onori’s performance will mention ambient and expansive electronica, tinged with electroacoustic influences as in his works together with Hanna Maria for the label One Instrument and the first release of Melantónia itself, merging experimentation and sound art and inviting the listener to introspection and connection with oneself, bridging the tangible world with the ethereal domains.

Slowfoam is the all-encompassing sound project of Berlin-based Madelyn Byrd. After releasing a work inspired by Donna Haraway’s vision of cybernetic feminism on mappa last year, Slowfoam has been touring their album ‘Transcorporeal Portal’, out since last March through Somewhere Press. In Morphine Raum, Madelyn will present a postmodern vision of ritual practices and (yet un-)spoken words, incorporating glitched-out, aqueous soundscapes, sparkling ambience, field recordings, and textural percussion.

With this first appointment of a new event concept by Melantónia, the collective is also announcing Slowfoam’s entry to the labels’s catalogue with a contribution for the second volume of the VA ‘Variierende Töne’ – which featured artists like Polygonia and Simone Bauer – to be released later this year.

The last act for the 27th is a story made of ‘80s synths and warm, yet industrialised nostalgia. SSIEGE’s sound output – which many may also know as Giesse – is a biographical tale, an introspective and therapeutic journey as in the work ‘Meteora’ for the prestigious Knekelhuis. and the latest re-enactment of new age ambient ‘Beautiful Age’ [YOUTH 2023]. SSIEGE is a portal to a dream world that draws upon many recurring themes that follow one another like the change of the seasons, often on the seemingly constant verge of transformation: shyness, memory, adolescence and dreams.

Melantónia at Morphine Raum is a manifestation of the sonic diary of its artists and a contribution to the enlargement of the collective’s palette, a musical outcome of sounds that are as organic as dreamers can expect, as dubby as your speakers can handle and as innovative sonic explorations as you can discover.

Melantónia w/ Mattia Onori, Slowfoam and SSIEGE

Saturday, 27.4.2024 | Doors 21:00 CET | Starts 21:30 CET
Morphine Raum | Köpenicker Straße 147 Hinterhof, 1. Etage | 10997 Berlin
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