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Me&KatFrankie&MyDrummer @ HO Berlin | Thursday, 06.02.2014

In early 2013, Ex-Syneysider Kat Frankie played a few shows as a back-up singer and guitarist for synth-pop duo Me and My Drummer. In October, Charlotte – the singer from the band – returned the favour and came on the road with Kat Frankie’s band, providing gorgeous harmonies to the songs.

It was inevitable that they would get together again. This time for a very spontaneous project called me&katfrankie&mydrummer.

Me&KatFrankie&MyDrummer | Phobia

m&kf&md will perform just 8 shows across Germany together as a trio: with songs you know, songs you won’t know and some very beautiful sounds in between.

Having moved to Berlin in 2005, Kat Frankie set about forming a band to flesh out her folk-styled confessionals. Integrity is a byword with Frankie, and debut single The Tops continued a string of self-funded releases, this one released to coincide with an early-2007 Australian tour.

Kat Frankie | Please don’t give me what I want

Prior to The Tops Frankie released an EP “outside.now.” and appeared on several independent compilations from Australia and Germany. “Pocketknife”, her debut album was released in Europe and Australia in mid 2007. Second single “Serves You Right For Using Violence” repeated the national radio play of The Tops.

Frankie also features in BerlinSong, a music documentary made by Uli Schueppel about songwriters in Berlin. The film premiered at the 2007 Berlinale Film Festival. She consistently tours Europe.

Me and my drummer | Don’t be so hot

Scaling back to essentials does not mean giving anything up – as long as what is left or even laid bare is what truly matters. ME AND MY DRUMMER have really pushed this act of reduction. It’s hardly a band you are watching here, it’s two confidants in close contact.

Ever-changingly, they are a loving couple, they separate, they circle each other in the boxing ring and in the ballroom. Here’s an incredible voice, singing for her dear life, making requests and demands, challenging you, dreaming and floating on a dense musical ride, picking up speed and gaining momentum.

Me and my drummer | You’re a runner

This voice forms a tender, intimate, immediate alliance with a set of instruments reduced to its core. Almost brutally close, they create an intoxicating undertow – pristine, refined, mesmerizing, light-footed – that after all really just wants to play with everything and itself.

Palais Wittgenstein Festival w/ Me&KatFrankie&MyDrummer  LIVE

Thursday, 06 February 2014 | 21:00 CET
HO | Holzmarktstraße 66 | 10179 Berlin/Mitte

katfrankie.com | meandmydrummer.blogspot.de | palaiswittgenstein.com | hoberlin.de

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