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Boddinale @ Loophole Berlin | Thursday, 06.02. – Sunday 16.02.2014

There’s only one film festival to go to in Berlin this Febuary. Now on its second edition, Loophole’s Boddinale festival again offers an inspiring selection of new and underground films (both short pieces and feature length) and video art. While the festival focuses on the works of film makers based on the community of artists that surround loophole and its networks, the call for entries went out far and wide so many international artists will also be presented.

The festival kicks of on Thursday the 6th of Febuary with the first annual Noiskölln music video awards presented in association with Network Awesome. Here’s a small selection of some of the short films that will be screened over the following week and a half:

Thomas Bröse | Selig

The film is made in a very simple and unperfect style, it consists of beautiful arranged single scenaries and specially composed music.

Xavier Agudo | Berlin Junction

“Berlin Junction” is an improvised feature film in which story line, script and performances are purely improvised by its actors after a thorough preparation on character development, story creation and relationship between performers, achieved through improv games and exercises.

More Talk About What Is Possible | Cameron Duguid

More Talk About What Is Possible is an experimental short film by Edinburgh based animator Cameron Duguid. It features elements of stop motion as well as live footage. The film was designed as an accompanying video to Dirk Markham’s audio track of the same name taken from his “Psycho-Acoustic Sculptures” series and so is part of the Berlin based musicians “D-Vision” video collection.

Trysten Baker | Tempelhof

An experimental documentary shot at Tempelhof Airport in Berlin, Germany on February 26, 2012. film by Tristen Bakker. score by Sky Histoire.

Lukas Feigelfeld & Robot Koch | Unpaved

A short film in which the music and the images are equally important.Imagine the old mystic character “Pan”, which represents nature, animalism and freedom, in acontemporary and realistic setting; becoming a modern vagabond, a drifter, living in the woods androaming the lands, always accompanied by his friend, the dog.

Das Loop | Das Loop


For 10 days we closed to the public the Loophole Art Space in Berlin NeuKölln and asked our friend Marcus Gryscyok (whose own film DonPlusultra is showing as part of Boddinale) to create a stop motion with us. Then a call for creative hands went around our community and many answered. Now the thing is, Loophole is a community of artists from the world over and most of our friends are terribly talented. This is the result of it all.

presented by Loophole

Thursday, 6 – Sunday 16 Febuary 2014
Loophole | Boddinstraße 60 |  12053 Berlin/Neukölln

boddinale.com | loophole-berlin.com

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