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Mary Anne Hobbs – Wild Angels Preview

BBC Radio1s Mary Anne Hobbs and Planet Mu’s Mike Paradinas compile their third selection of favourite new artists for a compilation album due for release on the 7th of September 2009. The title Wild Angels was an expression that Mary Anne Hobbs used on her BBC Radio1 West Coast Rocks special to describe the influential playing of the late Alice Coltrane.


Wild Angels is a great showcase for emerging new artists that hybridise existing genres like hip hop, dubstep, grime and soul into exotic exciting new forms.


Coming from transatlantic locales such as L.A., Glasgow, Bristol & Philadelphia, they represent a growing global new electronic music scene. The mixture of underground classics and exclusive new tracks makes it an essential purchase for the curious and the converted.


Wild Angels features pioneering tracks from Glasgows Hudson Mohawke and Rustie with Spotted and Zig-Zag which have been highly influential on a host of new artists. Youll also find underground dancefloor anthems such as Philadelphian Starkey’s Gutter Music VIP, devastating cerebral pieces such as Mark Pritchard’s ? next to exclusive tracks from very young next generation artists such as Teebs and Gemmy with WLTA and Rainbow Rd respectively.