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D/B Recommended: DWAYNE SODAHBERK LIVE @ WestGermany | Friday.31.07.09

Freitag, 31. Juli 09 doors 21h | PerformingArtsAndSoundsAtWestGermany
DWAYNE SODAHBERK (Swe) (Tigerbeat6) + disco langsam (Swe)


His new album Fjärilsfalu is out on vinyl june 10th on Kning Disk.

WestGermany, Büro für postpostmoderne Kommunikation,
Skalitzer Str. 133,  Zentrum Kreuzberg – Berlin, U:Bhf – Kottbusser Tor (U1/U8)

http://www.myspace.com/dwaynesodahberk | http://www.tigerbeat6.com | http://www.kningdisk.com | http://stuporsonika.se/ds/

Dwayne Sodahberk – no fun

About Dwayne`s latest album Fjärilsfalu:
Having first made his name on labels like Tigerbeat6, Dwayne Sodahberk has come a long way to reach this point. Fjarilsfalu is a collection of electronic and acoustic pop songs, supposedly recorded out in some woods over the past few years, and marks a further departure from the pounding ‘tronica he once spouted under Kid606’s supervision. Listening to songs like ‘Every Morning’ brings to mind records like Thurston Moore’s Psychic Hearts or more recently Kevin Drew’s solo album Spirit If. On ‘Every Morning’ the chugging guitar and quiet, almost shy sounding vocal comes bundled with a certain shambling lo-fi charm, but fortunately Sodahberk hasn’t cut off all links to his past and throws a generous helping of wayward circuitry into the mix, blending recordings of fireworks with the fizzing synth noises. Things start to fall apart slightly when too much distortion is introduced to the mix, and ‘Bird Bones’ sounds a little too thinned out for its own good, opting for overdriven digital signals rather than a more robust analogue fuzz. It all pulls back together nicely on ‘In The Corner Of My Eye’, weaving detuned violins into clumsily plucked guitar strings and upright piano. Fjailsfalu confirms that Sodahberk is well-equipped to complete that difficult transition from electronica artist to songwriter, and the music documented here proves this switch has been more fruitful and more sonically interesting than most. via boomkat.com

Dwayne Sodahberk – Knife Aboard