Madame Claude

This French-run venue in Kreuzberg is a place unlike any other. While the lounge bar is an aesthetic wonder, with everything upside down, go deeper underground to find a concert room in the basement which hosts great shows most nights including Experimontag every monday and the Campfire Sessions for singer-songwriter. A big D/B thumbs up.

Formerly a brothel very close to the berlin wall, MADAME CLAUDE is a bar located in the Kreuzberg-Schlesisches Tor district, which is well-known for its intense alternative nightlife.Initiated by the childish dream to play in a backwards flat, the decoration of the main room of Madame Claude is a reconstitution of an apartment which would have been built upside down challenging the laws of gravity with furnitures on the ceiling.Madame Claude welcomes events, concerts and DJ’s every night from 7pm till late.

Madame Claude | Lübbenerstrasse 19 | 10997 Berlin/Kreuzberg | Map | facebook | Madame Claude @ D/B

Photo by Dirk Markham