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LPS Showcase #1 GELBART, RYSKINDER and MOON KING at Urban Spree / Thursday, 23.6.2022


New Berlin based independent record label – LPS – Le Petit Signal will be revealing some of it’s acts on a very special and first ever showcase.

It’s difficult to pin down Gelbart’s style: dwell too much on his jazz/electronica side, and he’ll shower you with industrial blip storms that will leave you dumbfounded. Gelbart does not pause for a cup of tea or a quick five-minute sit down. He is restless, energetic and animated, and his music will leave you scrambling for breath.
LPS is honored to hand Gelbart the wheel on its maiden voyage. The album is titled ‘Music For Living In Magazines’ – originally released in 2002 as a limited-edition CD commissioned for Pil and Galia Kollectiv’s “Living in Magazines” exhibition. It is a spirited musical statement and only the first of many future adventures for the pioneering ship of petit signals

Ryskinder puts the Middle East in a cement mixer with Nintendo and shamanism, Melting together power electronics, punk attitude and hip-hop beats with warm psych rock groove. The result is an immersive and soulful Odyssee that jumps between genres, taking the audience on a wild ride of oriental soundscapes, exploding low-fi groove and loopy Hebrew rap.
 Originally conceived as Eden’s one-man electro-psych band and subversive poetry output in 2005, Ryskinder’s unique style and lyrical reflections has since been acclaimed for fundamentally influencing the Israeli music scene and language and are currently getting more attention worldwide.
 Drawing inspiration from avant-garde rock bands such as The Fall, Can, Suicide, The Velvet Underground and Hebrew-speaking pioneers such as Nosei Hamigbaat, Meir Ariel and Charlie Megira, each work is characterised by a hypnotizing experience, in which an array of wild audio, sub-bases and tribal drums crystalize into pop songs only to then break down into chaos.
 One of Ryskinder’s semi-ancient and iconic album will be released is as well planned and yet to be released on LPS.

Moonking is the synth-pop project of Toronto-born singer and producer Daniel Benjamin, which was In the early 2010’s part of the flourishing electronic music scene in Montreal, performing as a touring musician with other artists while beginning to write and produce his own music. A 2016 move to Detroit and immersion in that city’s vibrant dance music and DJ culture began to influence his own recordings, and a collection of new material found its way back to Montreal label Arbutus Records (TOPS, Sean Nicholas Savage), who offered to release it.

LPS (Le Petit Signal) is a minimal manifesto dedicated to experimental electronic-oriented music and is manufactured in extremely limited editions of uniquely designed vinyl records. Each copy is stamped, numbered, and comes in a hand-glued, riso-printed sleeve.


Thursday, 23rd June 2022 | Doors 20:00 | Starts 20:30 CET
Urban Spree | Revaler Str. 99 | 10245 Berlin-Friedrichshain

LPSurbanspree.com | Facebook

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