LOUDsoft presents: SCHRUMPF! Musik & Theater & Tanz in Klein SCHRUMPF! Splitter: Sunday, 21 June 2020 Interactive family concerts, streamed live from radialsystem via Zoom / Sunday, 21.06.2020

The Splitter Orchester, founded in 2010, is a Berlin-based collection of internationally respected composer-performers, drawing inspiration from many genres, most noticeably contemporary/improvised music. Splitter Orchester originates from the “Echtzeitmusik” scene, which emerged in Berlin in the mid nineties – a locally-based and globally-networked experimental music scene and long-term platform for the exchange of artistic ideas. Splitter Orchester are an ensemble most comfortable in the creative borderland between composed and improvised music. They utilize a broad variety of extended techniques on traditional, electronic, and especially constructed/tailored instruments.

Daniella Strasfogel is a violin teacher and performer in Berlin. She is a founding member of the Solistenensemble Kaleidoskop. In 2018, she initiated “The Artist Talk!” with Kaleidoskop, a series of audience discussions that provide a space for exchange between artists and audience. She founded the production company LOUDsoft in 2018, in order to create multidimensional musical experiences for and with families, young people and amateur musicians.


The event will be streamed live from radialsystem in Berlin, and puts the audience directly in contact with the musicians, allowing them to interact with each other, ask questions, discuss, play along from home – and of course also listen. For children 4 and up and adults of any age. Throughout the day, six concerts will be presented with varying instrumentation – the audience can choose which time slot they would like to join.

The series SCHRUMPF! opens up the work of Berlin artists for an intergenerational audience, presenting family versions of current pieces by seven Berlin ensembles. By shortening the pieces and providing moments of interaction between artists and audience, the series creates an entry for families into artistic worlds that would otherwise be reserved for adults. The audience is invited to move, touch, ask questions and give their curiosity free rein as they explore each artistic offering.

SCHRUMPF! opens the world of professional contemporary music, music theatre and dance for families with children as young as 4 years old. Seven productions were planned over the course of 2020 to provide an intimate, multifaceted overview of Berlin’s Freie Szene ensembles. After sold-out first performances with the Ensemble Adapter and Bob’s Company and a pause due to the Covid-19 pandemic, LOUDsoft is returning to radialsystem to present SCHRUMPF! Splitter as an interactive live stream on Zoom.

LOUDsoft presents: SCHRUMPF! Musik & Theater & Tanz in Klein SCHRUMPF! Splitter: Interactive family concerts, streamed live from radialsystem with Zoom

Sunday, 21 June, 2020 | Starts 12:15 CET

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