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Loraine James and Felisha Ledesma at Gretchen / Friday 7.10.2022

The best club in town, Gretchen, celebrates its 11th anniversary this October. As part of the celebrations Hyperdub artist Loraine James will give a special live performance.

Celebrated UK producer Loraine James joins Phantom Limb for breathtaking homage to vital NYC composer Julius Eastman, reinterpreting, reimagining and responding to key works for a brand new album.

In 1990, the composer Julius Eastman quietly passed away, out of the spotlight, a young man. By his death substance-addicted, homeless and broke, he was unforgivably overlooked in his lifetime. Still, the legacy of creative work he leaves is far more befitting to celebration than destitution. Only a portion of his music remains – a deeply regrettable sidenote to an already heartbreaking story – but this work represents a glorious and beautifully hued depiction of a composer totally in step with any modern great we could name.

A gorgeous swell of intimate soundscaping from Felisha Ledesma on this simmering stunner for Ecstatic, despatching two extended, richly absorbing pieces weft from everyday detritius; synths, strings, voicemail, found sounds – hitting a similar spot for us as Ulla’s diaristic ‘inside means inside me’ but with a more defined play of sound-as-light that gently and memorably tugs at the earlobes and heartstrings.

Loraine James and Felisha Ledesma

Friday, 7th October 2022 | 20:00 CET
Gretchen | Obentrautstr. 19-21 | 10963 Berlin-Kreuzberg

loraine james | gretchen-club.de | felishaledesma.com

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