(Credit: Mara von Kummer)

Licht Aus festival of electronic music at SO36 / Friday, 5.8.2022

The world seems dark. Many people are afraid of what is coming and how everything will be. We would like to make this feeling happen – on an evening into the deepest night. We will turn off the lights, every now and then, sing in the dark with the audience, before the lights come back on.

LICHT AUS. SPOT ON. We will give a celebratory space to electronic music and dancing. It is important to us that the most diverse types of artists working with electronics meet and dare something new: atmospherically it is about excess, madness, strangeness and the wild irritations of the night, but also about reflection and being moved by moments of musical happiness. We beam ourselves into other worlds, prepare joys, oddities and thoughtfulness – and turn the innermost outward together, in a great, roaring musical celebration.

The night in the dark is moderated by Barbara Morgenstern, Andreas Schwarz, David Maars and Bertil Thomas and – above all – by the audience, who, when the lights go out, may join us in singing one or two songs before the next electro-live show begins. As organizers, we are all part of feminist, queer, inclusive or classist discourses in various ways. We would like to reflect this in the program in a dramaturgically exciting way. The overall interaction of the artists in this historically unique location, which stands for its mixture between a space for rebellion and a place for new music, is of great concern to us.

Barbara Morgenstern
Bertil Thomas
Ruben Nsue
Oberst Panizza
Pilocka Krach
Cats on Peacocks
Reinhard Kleist

Ludimila Houben
Fixie Fate

Licht Aus Festival

Friday, 5th August 2022 | Doors 20:15 Start 20:45 CET
SO36 | Oranienstr. 190 | 10999 Berlin-Kreuzberg

so36 | Event @ Facebook | on-usound

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