Larry B & Cõvco at Roter Salon / Thursday, 28.06.2018

Larry B has been bringing his energetic, keys and Beats driven soul pop from the South London underground, via the SoundCloud and band camp channels of the world into the musical consciousness of a generation of rhythm-loving listeners: There are danceable pop songs, that create their own sound somewhere between sad melancholy and an upbeat swing.

And then there is the slowed down opposite, made up of deep tunes that seem to let the listener fall into a soft, tear-soaked pillow of soothing soul. B places his vocals meticulously on top of the computer-created beats, bits, kicks and claps. Aside from the songwriting, worldwide DJ-Gigs and the remixes of artists from Alicia Keys to Usher, he also performs his pieces live and in the most intimate settings and on the piano, as he will tonight.

Cõvco, who blows away any room she plays, is by far one of London’s most original and exciting artists. Her sets combine a hi-energy mix of footwork edits and experimental dance music.

Larry B (live) & Cõvco (DJ)

Thursday, 2th June 2018 | Doors 22:00 CET | Starts 23:00 CET
Volksbühne Berlin / Roter Salon | Rosa-Luxemburg-Platz | 10178

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