D/B presents: KREATIONEN 2010 | Festival of Berlin Puppeteers | 30.10 – 05.11.2010 @ The SCHAUBUDE in BERLIN

From October 30th till November 5 th 2010 eight productions of the Berlin independent Puppet Figure and Object Theatre Scene will be presented as part of a small fine Festival at the SCHAUBUDE BERLIN. An exhibition with theatre posters in the foyer will enrich the Festival.

The productions are both designed to enrich the evening schedule of the SCHAUBUDE and they too give new impetus to the entire theatre scene in Berlin, Germany and abroad.

The participating artists with their individual and unique artistic language determine the range of the festival KREATIONEN 2010. Their means of expression are diverse, ranging from the delicate doll, the crocheted figure up to the artistic body-object collage – from the modern Puppet Theatre to the innovative experiment with body, figure and object.

The range of topics ranks from the artificial reality of destruction up to the realistic world of dream or counter worlds.

Tage, wo überall Feinde lauern“ (Fliegendes Theater) tells of a childhood at time of World War II., from the experiences from the perspective of a child and his imaginary worlds – mixing with the reality a pictorial universe is created. A theatre performance with figures, objects, projections and live-music.

Frühstück Sprelacart“ (Pyromantiker Berlin), an absurd world of wool and crochet is considered intensively. An amusing game using the old puppet show „Hahn Weltherr“.

In the performance „ANUBIS“ (Uta Gebert) the same God and judge of the dead leads the souls to the underworld – visual theatre that highlights both an extravagant scenography and atmospheric sound world.

Baubo spezial: Fitchers Vogel“ (florschütz & döhnert), an horrible nice rallye trough an ideal world of good and bad. With Melody Floçiç, she will run on high heels trough a fairyland of the brothers Grimm, and with Hardy, a One-Man-Band. Daft, sexy, entertaining.

Peanuts“ (Schäfer-Thieme-Produktion). Loosely on the fairy tale The Princess on the pea, this performance brings to life a series of coincidences and seemingly mundane events, which may be important in a relationship – just peanuts…

FINITO“ (Langenbein & Großmann) goes on a theatrical journey to a parallel universe, a grotesque race for time and its finite. Everything accumulates at a point that leads to becoming newly aware of the relationship of the whole and universal theatre with puppets and objects.

Projekt Z!“ (Projekt Z!-Produktion) according to „Zirkus Sardam“ by Daniil Charms, opens a world that has been occupied by figures (characters) who seem to have escaped from the Puppet Theatre and Circus and who rebel in their own specific way. Theatre with figures, objects and music. A brilliant artistic feat.

Auf nach La Mancha“ (Kaufmann & Co) is a fictitious consultation with Mister Frankenstein whose contradictory innermost is dragged to the outside so that he almost succumbs to his healing, but fortunately there was Sancho Pansa.
Excellent and amusing puppet and object theatre.

Another highlight during the festival is the opening of the exhibition „voss plakatet – ausstellung mit theaterplakaten“ on October 30th, an exhibition of theatre posters designed by the image artist Robert Voss from Halle / Saale. Lots of theatre posters of Berlin Puppet theatres show his signature.


KREATIONEN 2010 | Festival of Berlin Puppeteers
30.10 – 05.11.2010

Tickets: 10,50 Euro, reduced price 7,- Euro | Ticket reservation: SCHAUBUDE BERLIN / Tel. 0049.30.4234314 | ticket@schaubude-belrin.de