D/B presents: KRAKE FESTIVAL 2011 | 15. – 21. August 2011 in Berlin

KRAKE ist an annual Berlin based festival for challenging electronic music and visual transduction initiated by Nico Deuster of KILLEKILL and Holger Hilgers.

The festival took place at the Suicide Circus for the first time in 2010 and was an overwhelming success: numerous groundbreaking artists of high reputation rocked the crowd such as Warp’s electronica heroes PLAID,
CRISTIAN VOGEL, RADIOACTIVE MAN of the infamous two lone swordsmen or breakbeat weirdo BOGDAN RACZYNSKI.

But there were also a lot of new talents who surprised the audience with their freshness. PLASTER with their audio/visual concert and KARSTEN PFLUM deserve to be named here. With this festival in 2010 a new element and an important addition to the vivid electronic music scene in Berlin was born.

For 2011 KRAKE will take the next level and consolidate its reputation as the most daring Berlin club festival with a massive line up in 4 venues and, a new website and an artwork by internationally acclaimed graphic designers DOPPELDENK. Musicians confirmed for 2011 include THE FIELD, OVAL, MIKA VAINIO, JIMMY EDGAR live set, BOLA live set, LEGOWELT live set, MIXMASTER MORRIS dj set, EMIKA live and many, many more.

OVAL (thrill jockey) – special audio/visual performance
ADAM WEISHAUPT – special dj set

Wednesday, aug 17th – KRAKE pres. DROMOSCOPE @ BERGHAIN KANTINE
ØE (dromoscope/italia) – live
MAESIA (dromoscope/italia) – live
MDF (dromoscope/italia) – live
PLASTER (dromoscope/italia) – live
DADUB (stroboscopic artefacts/italia) – live

Thursday, aug 18th – TELEPORT – A Littlebig Showcase @ FESTSAAL KREUZBERG
THE FIELD (kompakt/sweden) – live
THREE TRAPPED TIGERS (blood and biscuits) – live
EMIKA (ninja tune) – live
DJ SCOTCH EGG (wrong music) – live
RUDI ZYGALDO (planet μ) – live

Friday, aug 19th – SUICIDE CIRCUS
MIKA VAINIO (ex-pan sonic, Ø) – live
LEGOWELT (bunker, crème organization) – live
GLOBAL GOON (rephlex) – live
EOD (kvist) – live
ULTRA DEEP FIELD (krake) – live
MIXMASTER MORRIS – dj + more tba

Saturday, aug 20th – SUICIDE CIRCUS
JIMMY EDGAR (warp, !k7) – live
REDSHAPE (delsin) – dj
BOLA (skam) – live
BILL YOUNGMAN (killekill) – live
HUBBLE (archipel) – dj + more tba

Sunday, aug 21th – Krake closing hosted by Crazy Language & Mindwaves – CHEZ JACKIE
SOFUS FORSBERG (jenka music, mindwaves) – live
LARS FROM MARS (pueblo nuevo, mindwaves) – live
HURON (crazy language) – live
AXIOM (crazy language) – dj
PAT FLANDERS (mindwaves) – dj
visuals: Sarge Grafx (crazy language)


KRAKE Festival
A week of good Music

Roter Salon / Volksbühne | Festsaal Kreuzberg | Berghain Kantine | Chez Jackie | Suicide Circus