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D/B Recommended: Cortney Tidwell & Kurt Wagner present KORT @ Passions-kirche in Berlin | Sunday, 07.11.2010 + November Tour & Free Download

Born of a common love for their city and its traditions, this long-awaited collaboration from Kurt Wagner (Lambchop) and Cortney Tidwell seeks to portray their vision of Nashville through the music for which it is famous.

[audio:Kurt Wagner & Cortney Tidwell present KORT – Incredibly Lonely.mp3] Like Nashville, and indeed like country music itself, ‘Invariable Heartache’ draws upon the past but looks forward to the future, shining a gentle light on Kurt and Cortney’s romance with the city, its story and the universal truths that these and its songs represent. D/B highly Recommended!

Described by Kurt as ‘not so much a replication, but more of a study in reclamation’, this labour of love seeks to strip away the cliché and glossy kitsch which so often mask the pure simplistic beauty of traditional Nashville country music.

Kurt Wagner & Cortney Tidwell are KORT

Born and raised in Nashville, Tennessee, Cortney Tidwell is no stranger to country music. One of her grandfathers performed at The Grand Ole Opry and recorded successfully for Decca in the 1950s, while her other was the owner of Nashville’s Chart Records. Her father joined the team at Chart as an A&R and still works on Music Row, while her mother was a former Miss Nashville runner-up whose found success in the 1970s as a singer.

Even now, her husband works on Music Row as an engineer, and it was he that helped produce her two full length albums / Don’t Let Stars Keep Us Tangled Up (2006) and Boys (2009), as well as her eponymous debut mini album.

Cortney Tidwell | Missing Link

Kurt Wagner moved to Nashville with his parents at the age of 2, and apart from sojourns in Memphis and Chicago has called it his home ever since. He formed Lambchop (originally called Posterchild) in the early 1990s, with their first album released in 1994, the groundbreaking I Hope You’re Sitting Down / Jack’s Tulips.

Since then the band, with its ever evolving line up, has continued to chart unusual and always unique musical waters, from the soul fuelled fire of Nixon to the piano minimalism of Is A Woman, all tinted with Wagner’s lyrical sensibility and an unusual intimacy. They also provided a brand new soundtrack to F.W.Murnau’s legendary film, Sunrise.

Kurt Wagner | My Blue Wave, 20. November 2007 @ Quasimodo Berlin

Kurt Wagner, Cortney Tidwell and their band will be bringing their Nashville this side of the Atlantic this autumn, with a European tour spanning the following cities:

04.11 Gothenburg – Pusterviksbaren | 05.11 Copenhagen – Loppen | 06.11 Hamburg – Knust | 07.11 Berlin – Passionskirche | 09.11 Leipzig – Werk II | 10.11 Dresden – Beatpol | 12.11 Zurich – El Lokal | 13.11 Ebensee – Kino | 14.11 Munich – Feierwerk | 16.11 Cologne – Gebäude 9 | 17.11 London – Dingwalls | 18.11 Paris – La Maroquinerie | 19.11 Frankfurt – Brotfabrik | 20.11 Den Hague – Crossing Border

About Incredibly Lonely:

‘Incredibly Lonely’ is a cover of a song recorded by Gene & Rod for Nashville’s Chart Records in 1968.

Although the song is available for free, those downloading it are encouraged to make a donation at their own discretion to the Community Foundation Of Middle Tennessee. Kurt and Cortney were in the middle of recording when, at the start of May 2010, Nashville and other areas in Tennessee became victims of appalling flooding caused by well over twenty inches of rain in less than two days.

The tragedy went almost unreported: ‘bigger’ events such as the attempted bombing of New York’s Times Square and the oil leak in the Gulf of Mexico meant that the significant loss of life and the destruction of homes and buildings throughout Tennessee remained almost ignored. Grants from the fund will be made to nonprofits supporting relief, restoration and clean-up efforts in the Davidson County area in the aftermath of the flooding and storms. Download Incredibly Lonely | http://www.kort.cd


Cortney Tiddwell & Kurt Wager present KORT

Sunday, 07.11.2010
Passionskirche | Zossener Str. 65 | 10961 Berlin/Kreuzberg | Map

Cortney Tidwell MySpace |  http://www.feverqueen.com | http://www.lambchop.net