D/B Recommended: Kopflos Fest w/ High Places, Lucky Dragons and many more @ Marie Antoinette Berlin | Thursday, 17.05. – Saturday, 19.05.2012

HIGH PLACES are one of the two opening acts of the Kopflos festival. They create danceable pop music that is both artistic and refined. The consistent dialogue between the duo over the span of three albums is always through a rhythmic and melodic ambient space.

High Places mix their particular internal rhythms with a long-standing love for UK and US dance sensibilities like that of UK garage, drum and bass, Chicago/NYC house, Detroit techno, dub, reggae and electro dancehall.

The early influence of visceral live experiences of NYC/Philly hip hop of the late ‘80s and early ‘90s is evidenced in the band’s massive sound system. With Original Colors, they are at once pushing forward with much heavier and more complex beats, but also returning to their more gritty, electro-acoustic roots.

High Places | Sonora

LUCKY DRAGONS are joining the bill on May 17. Their concerts-as-workshop style happenings have generated considerable interest in both the art and music worlds. With a basic set-up of laptop, homemade electronics and folk instruments the pair creates situations in which audience members cooperate amongst themselves, building up fragile networks, held together by such things as skin contact, unfamiliar language, temporary logic and the spirit of celebration.

At the heart of it all the activities of playing together, of building up social collectivities, of re-engaging the wonder and the impossibility of technological presence. They sound – and look – like simple and ancient patterns coming together and falling apart in a sincere attempt to let wires, screens and words become clear and crystal.

Next up on Friday is HAYVANLAR ALEMI. Hailing from the Turkish capital of Ankara and releasing on Sublime Frequencies, these guys are a killer hyper-colourful improvising psych-rock unit, consisting of old school friends Ozum Itez (electric guitar), Isik Sarihan (percussion) and Hazar Mutgan (bass), who successfully got themselves into everything psychedelic, exotic and adventurous.

Their joyously broad sound covers lots of bases; from never-ending psych ventures to two minute international pop covers, West African blues guitars to pulsating Thai rhythms, Floydian drums to acoustic street craft … always kept loose and driven by mood, inevitably melting into their distinctive sound and structure.

On the same night we’ll have BASKETBALL, a live electronic act, known for their insanely engaging live shows. Their sounds are created by an alchemy of sequencers, drum machines, traditional instruments such as the santoor, zurna, the banjo, guitar, live percussion, bass and vocals.

20Jazzfunkgreats labeled their sound best as shamanic disco.The combination of their sound has drawn comparisons to Modeselektor, Gang Gang Dance, Buraka Som Sistema, and Tinariwen.

KEEP SHELLY IN ATHENS will finish Kopflos Fest. Their swirling ambient sound captures that serene feeling you get on a gloomy, rainy day as your car glides over the slick city streets. With airy beats that are repetitive, but never trance-like, KSiA is an accessible and lighthearted entry into the world of down-tempo electronica.

As enigmatic as they are talented, Keep Shelly in Athens is a Greek based duo that have recently brought on two additional musicians to add to their live show. Fearing the trend of bands coasting more on their own hype than their actual talent, KSiA keep their cards close to their chest, focusing on their music, not their image. If their immediate sell-out of their last three EPs is any indication, it’s a more than fair trade-off.

Playing as first act on May 19 is ANIAETLEPROGRAMMEUR, a Berlin-based band formed in Paris by Aniajules and Hanrigabriel. They mix heavily effected guitars and vocals with massive electronic synths and beats, bridging the gap between rock music, epic composition, psychedelic electro and soundscapes.

Since september 2011, media-artist and musician Valquire Veljkovic joined the band originaly as a “light drummer”, bringing a new dimension to their live shows. He lately tends to be musicaly involved on stage with live drums and keys. The three of them constantly experiment and develop ways of controling light gears and devices on stage with triggerring and sequencers linked to their music devices.

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Kopflos Fest: High Places, Lucky Dragons, Hayvanlar Alemi, Basketball, Keep Shelly In Athens & Aniaetleprogrammeur  LIVE

Djs: The Monokid, Field Agent Slow Learner & Marie Antoinette Djs

Thursday, 17 May – Saturday, 19 May 2012 | 21:00 CET
Marie Antoinette | Bogen 47, Holzmarktstr. 15-18 | 10179 Berlin/Mitte

High Places | Lucky Dragons | Hayvanlar Alemi | Basketball | Keep Shelly in Athens | Aniaetleprogrammeur | Marie Antoinette on Resident Advisor