Picture: Nguyen & Transitory by Fahtha.k
Picture: Nguyen & Transitory by Fahtha.k

Kookoo feat. Nguyễn + Transitory at OHM Berlin / Friday, 7.7.2023

Intimacy, trust and vulnerability. These ideas are at the core of everything NGUYỄN + TRANSITORY touch in their artistic work. The duo, consisting of Nguyễn Baly and Tara Transitory, cross the disciplines of sound, performance and installation in their practice. Attempting to approach the intersections of these fields through a less colonial lens, looking into how the physicality of frequencies and their incidental vibrations relate to memory, emotion and catharsis.

Their current series of works have focused on the imagination of queer futures through the interplay of touch and sound. In a reality that constantly screams at us that humanity is heading towards extinction, NGUYỄN + TRANSITORY question how an artistic practice can transmit hope through processes of keeping alternative histories alive.

Their musical work is generated primarily with modular synthesis, analog tape (sometimes used to create loops of extreme length) and, for this particular occasion, a drum synthesizer which they purchased exclusively for their performance at Kookoo. The textures they synthesize are seemingly delicate, definitely inviting to immersion, ultimately resulting in pure bliss. The artistic philosophy behind this approach and their vision for this very night is encapsulated in Maya, a song by Rasmee, a musician from the Northeast of Thailand. The crucial line of Rasmee’s lyrics reads as follows:

สงสส งามสดส ในตตวเจาจ คอค จตส วญส ญาณ โอนจ างเอย โอนจ างเอย
The most beautiful thing in you is the spirit, oh woman, oh woman

This theme is reflected in CARLY FISCHER‘s artwork, which is presented on the flyer as well as a large print on site at Ohm. Through a spiral and slight shifts, her paper sculpture visualizes the interplay of exterior and interior and the binaries associated with these concepts. Inversions, loops, slippages can also be found in the work of YUKIHIRO TAGUCHI, Kookoo’s resident visual artist. While Kookoo hosts MIEKO SUZUKI & ARA do their best to evoke the inner spirits of frequencies benign and ambiguous, harsh and tender.

Kookoo feat. Nguyễn + Transitory

Friday, 7.7.2023
Tickets for 13 – 15 Euro at the door
Ohm Berlin | Köpenicker Straße 70 | Berlin 10179

nguyentransitory.com | Event @ Facebook
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