Postponed: Kontraklang w/ Extended Keys at Villa Elisabeth / Saturday, 14.11.2020

In the last KONTRAKLANG event of 2020, new compositions for keyboard instruments take center stage. The Swedish sound artist Åsa Stjerna has been commissioned by KONTRAKLANG to develop a new work that combines the sound of the harpsichord with a spatialized multichannel loudspeaker installation. Three harpsichords are placed in the middle of the room, while the loudspeakers are distributed around the audience, bringing Memoires of a Forest to life.

The pianist Marina Khorkova offers a rare performance on her self-designed and -built “multiphonics piano”. The instrument is reduced to its strings, which Khorkova exposes and prepares with a variety of materials, creating a colorful, overtone-rich experience.

“Colorful” also aptly describes the selection of pieces presented by pianist and keyboard magician Zubin Kanga from London. In an excerpt from his current repertoire of new, multimedia pieces for “Piano plus X”, the piano becomes audible again and again in unfamiliar contexts, once more proving its universality.

Åsa Stjerna: Memoires of a Forest (2020, UA) for three harpsichords and tape
Marina Khorkova: Three miniatures (2018) for Multiphonics piano
Alexander Schubert: WIKI-PIANO.NET (2018)
Jon Rose: Ballast (2019) for piano, keyboard sampler, 3D motion sensor and electronics
Claudia Molitor: You touched the twinkle on the helix of my ear (2018)
Åsa Stjerna – Harpsichord
Magda Mayas – Harpsichord
Marina Cyrino – Harpsichord
Marina Khorkova – Multiphonics Piano
Zubin Kanga – Piano and electronics

Kontraklang presents Extended Keys

14.11.2020 | Doors 19:00 CET | Starts 20:00 CET
Villa Elisabeth | Invalidenstraße 4 | 10115 Berlin

Facebook @ Event

Tickets: 12/9€ with pre-registration only at Limited tickets, no box office.

Picture by Raphael Neal

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