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Kontraklang w/ Panos Ghikas, Pavlos Antoniadis & more at Heimathafen Neukölln / Sunday 14.05.2017

Kontraklang’s May concert brings us to southeastern Europe. At the same time, the event is one of the most contrasting concert of the contemporary music series so far. The Greek duo of Panos Ghikas and Pavlos Antoniadis reveals a new character with every performance. Samuel Dunscombe’s clarinet ensemble, on the other hand, will interpret a rarely performed work by Horatiu Radulescu. An entire world seems to separate the two: a duo for piano, sensors, computer, electronic percussion, violins and various objects sharing the stage with a clarinet septet. High tech and purism. But however distant the two ensembles may be, their artistic approaches are strikingly similar. For both the pieces and the musicians aim to explore the outer reaches of their playing techniques and sound spectra. A further point of commonality is their attempt to open up the concept of time through diverse notations and types of communication between the musicians.

The 40-minute performance by Greek composer-performers Panos Ghikas and Pavlos Antoniadis revolves around through-composed fragments and free improvised passages. With every performance, their work Toxic Gum takes on a new face. The piece Gum for solo piano serves as a springboard for a series of transactions with different degrees of artistic risk, in which they navigate fixed axes of time and performer interaction.

Samuel Dunscombe’s Clarinet Ensemble will perform a Spectral classic by the legendary Romanian pioneer Horatiu Radulescu. Capricorn’s Nostalgic Crickets (1974) is a piece for seven identical wind instruments, made of 96 equally long spectral events, each of which must be realized with a limited number of playing techniques. The original score is extremely murky and complex – the players are invited to propose their own instructions. Dunscombe and his fellow clarinetists will realize this work from scratch, with their own techniques and symbols.


Pavlos Antoniadis & Panos Ghikas: Toxic Gum
Pavlos Antoniadis – Piano, sensors
Panos Ghikas – Electronic percussion, violins, objects, electronics


Horațiu Rădulescu: Capricorn’s Nostalgic Crickets
Samuel Dunscombe – Musical director and clarinet
Kai Fagaschinski, Xaviér Fertin, Theo Nabicht, Michiko Ogawa, Michael Thieke, Miao Zhao – Clarinets

Sunday, 14th May 2017, 20:00
Heimathafen Neukölln | Karl-Marx-Straße 141 | 12043 Berlin-Neukölln

kontraklang.de | heimathafen-neukoelln.de

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