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AMBIQ w/ Ricardo Villalobos at Funkhaus / Thursday, 18.05.2017

On May 18, the genre-bending AMBIQ trio (Max Loderbauer, Samuel Rohrer, Claudio Puntin) and the legendary techno DJ / producer Ricardo Villalobos will join forces at the Funkhaus in Berlin for an hour and a half of improvisational explorations.

With ambiq, Max Loderbauer, Samuel Rohrer and Claudio Puntin form structures as earthy as they are flexible and, as a result, invent pioneering electro-acoustic soundscapes at the cutting edge of sound research. The trained pianist Max Loderbauer, together with Ricardo Villalobos, has just breezily launched the jazz sanctuary of the Munich-based ECM records into the ether as “Re: ECM”. On the new adventure he now logically again finds himself working with sanctuaries.

For the tool he uses for creating worlds is the finest modular synthesizer in the world, the Buchla 200e. In the glow of this altar-like cockpit, he welcomes the two inspired Swiss musicians, clarinettist Claudio Puntin (also mini-mallets and electronics) and percussionist Samuel Rohrer. Samuel Rohrer, as an improvisatory sound pilot, is able to elegantly navigate beats and anti-beats. He expands the world of rhythmic functions with his artistic, cross-style overall concept to include striking emotional components. His percussion style flows with an implicit quality into his electronic arrangements, returns enriched with seductive energy and presents itself as the crucible for the contributions of his fellow passengers.

Claudio Puntin’ s unmistakeably smooth sound as he plays on all members of the clarinet family, with the support of mallet and electronics, is familiar to us from numerous CDs and performances, as well as from film, audio-drama and theatre productions. His live concept of floating, electronic spaces, layers of overtones and loops, which he customises for his clarinet sounds, opens up divine dimensions while creating the harmonic, melodic and tonal orbit for the satellites of his fellow musicians.

This live exhibition is notable not just because of the decades of international, collaborative experience that each performer has in his field. More importantly, it’s exemplary of the encouraging new fusions in a world where more and more performers and listeners are looking beyond the needless polarizations of musical cliques (e.g. “analog” vs. “digital,” or “active” dance music vs. “passive” immersive ambience), and simply seeking out optimal levels of expression and resonance. For listeners who value the sensation of hearing something qualitatively new unfold before them, it’s an event not to be missed.

AMBIQ special set w/ Ricardo Villalobos

Thursday, 5th May | 20:30 CET
Funkhaus | Nalepastraße 18 | 12459 Berlin

ambiq.org | funkhaus-berlin.net | Event @ Facebook


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