D/B Recommended: KOMETENMELODIEN # 2: Sun Araw & High Wolf @ Berghain Kantine Berlin | Saturday, 15.10.2011

Cameron Stallones alias Sun Araw began his musical career as a founding member of the experimental psychedelic rock collective Magic Lantern.

[audio:xxx-xxx.mp3]Soon after, demos originally intended to light the Lantern became the first Sun Araw LP: The Phynx. Sun Araw blossomed as a solo project in attempted geosynchronous orbit with the Eternal Now: oblique six-dimensional transmissions from changeless environs.

Structural and spiritual inspiration for Sun Araw comes primarily from Cameron’s first artistic love: film and filmmakers, especially those invested in the long-take (Tarkovsky, Altman, Bela Tarr, Greenaway). Devoted to long-form mantric music, the ethos is similar: straight lampin’ in deep focus, angle after angle on the melodic object, gaining strength from the subsequent breakdown of the illusion of fixed perspective.

Sun Araw | Horse Steppin’

Spiraling outwards along mandalic patterns, Sun Araw has become a total vehicle for artistic expression as Cameron creates the extensive artwork for each release, writes detailed liner notes, and has directed the music video for the single “Deep Cover.”

Pyramidal meditationist High Wolf has been highly active since 2009’s Animal Totem tape dropped on Not Not Fun: he’s released five tapes, more than five  full-length Albums, started his own record label (Winged Sun), begun a mail-collab with Astral Social Club (as Iibiis Rooge), embarked on two UK/Euro tours (one with heavyweights Gnod), plus trekked out on a month-long solo journey through India to collect field recordings and get deep. Makes you feel lazy right? Utilizing his usual toolbag of looped tablas, fuzz guitar leads, chiming white light guitar, synth swells, and cloud-climbing electronics, his musical  safaris lead through a host of ecstatic ritual landscapes with focus and magic.

KOMETENMELODIEN # 2: Sun Araw & High Wolf LIVE

Saturday, 15 October 2011 | 20:00 CET
Kantine Am Berghain | Am Wriezener Bahnhof | 10243 Berlin/Friedrichshain

sunaraw.com | highwolf.bandcamp.com | berghain.de