D/B Recommended: Kiko King and Creativemaze & The Sorry Entertainers @ Kater Holzig Berlin | Wednesday, 12.12.2012

There are many ways to paint a picture or discribe who kiko king is. Eccentric, charismatic or let´s say … chaos in a head lock.

They say there is a fine line between genius and insanity, KK is a prime example of such. His live performance is feuled with energy and wild emotion to the point of seeming possessed.

South Germany’s Matthias Zwingert is creativemaze. Matze being the German nickname for Matthias, it quickly became Maze, and when translated to English it’s meaning fits perfectly to the way his chain of thought works.

Kiko King & Creativemaze | C4

During his years of producing music, creativemaze has met many talented people with whom he has collaborated: Spiritchild, Kevbeats, Johan Johanson, Roy Calypso.

The two artists met through a mutual friend and have been recording ever since, sometimes completing up to 5 songs a day.

Kiko King & Creativemaze | Cyber Thugz

‘Airbendermusic’, the name of their debut album, is made up of dark, hard hitting tracks or soft melodic harmonies mixed with up lifting honest lyrics and various self named characters in which KK sings in different accents and voices.

Kiko king & creativemaze, two Aquarian souls, often communicate without even talking. ”Air bender music” is what they call their style, respectfully so, with songs ranging from soul to hip hop to electronic, blues and rock to opera, classical & trip hop.

Kiko King & Creativemaze | The Tin Man

DJ Lotti originally had started The Sorry Entertainers about five years ago with a friend. It started as a DJ project, with “everything goes” as its motto and was all about 110 bpm and exploring the possibilities of positive music beyond the borders of techno worries. Numerous gigs at festivals and in clubs ensued, as well as a residency at Bar25’s circus.

When Lotti met Raz O’Hara and M.Rux a little while later, he was running the project by himself. Since they instantly connected musically, they went straight for the studio. In 2010, they finally released New Age, the debut maxi for the new Sorry Entertainers.

The Sorry Entertainers | New Age

With all those sets, tractors, technicians, software forums, updates and MP3 subscription discussions, we tend to forget about the nucleus of club music: record collectors.

What we call techno, house, and so on today, was developed in Detroit and Chicago in an atmosphere of party, of mix tapes and of progressive radio shows. Styles, songs, ideas were mixed up, blended, amalgamated and from lust, new lust arose.

The Sorry Entertainers | Mana Chaninqa

TSE’S debut “Local Jet Set” is an incredibly warm and more than referential album, floating and swinging from actual club hits like Jeopardize or End Of Times to amazingly deep Moonshiner, based on the vocals of late blues and country star ROSCOE HOLCOMB (courtesy of Folkways/Smithsonian).

In between, there are sounds of Hawaii and Tokyo, from Berlin and India, from the forties and the future. At no time does this music get stuck in a genre, in a trend, but moves in all directions, in an untroubled and airy fashion.

Kiko King and creativemaze & The Sorry Entertainers  LIVE

Dj: Fog Puma

Wednesday, 12 December 2012 | 20:00 CET
Kater Holzig | Michaelkirchstr. 23 | 10179 Berlin/Mitte

kikoking.bandcamp.com | thesorryentertainers.bandcamp.com | katerholzig.de