Kiezsalon closing w/ We like We, Baby Dee & Moiré at Musikbrauerei Prenzlauer Berg / Saturday, 08.10.2016

An astonishing closing night for this edition of the Kiezsalon 2016 see three incredible protagonist on the stage of the Musikbrauerei of Prenzlauer Berg.

London-based producer Moiré may have a background in architecture, but if his music were houses, they’d be the kind you find in Escher paintings. He began crafting songs with a friend inspired equally by the rhythms of African music and jazz as the music of Mobb Deep and Wu-Tang Clan. Though he loved that music, he also longed to move into more dangerous sonic territory. He was encouraged when he saw Darren J. Cunningham, who records as Actress, play at a the second Brainfeeder party in London, because it solidified his belief that there was an audience for the kind of music he wanted to make. He released his debut EP, Never Sleep, on Actress’s Werkdiscs label in 2013 and, one year later, released his first full-length Shelter to instant acclaim.

The rhythmic foundation wobbles and shifts; flickering synths pulse in and out of time, and the blank space between the elements feels ominous and imposing. They’re also inlaid with hundreds of tiny details: deep inlays of electronics, gentle waves of sound, scuffed-up techno and low-light dance music, as much shadow as sound. Moiré would sit in his bedroom, using his cassette recorder to capture strange, distorted noises.

We like We is an experimental performance and sound quartet based in Copenhagen, Denmark. They consists of Katrine Grarup Elbo (violin) Josefine Opsahl (cello) Sara Nigard Rosendal (percussion) and Katinka Fogh Vindelev (voice).

Praising the collective We like We focuses on a collaborative working ethos utilizing a unique mix of instruments and musical background.  All four of them are classically trained, but share a desire for exploring, experimenting, jamming and shaping a sound of their own. Expanding their inspiration and influence from the classical roots We like We makes music driven by intuition and playfulness. Through their collaborative compositions We like We creates music that travels beyond the grid of genres.

One of the industry’s most flamboyant musical discoveries of the last decade, Baby Dee is an enchanting song writer, classically trained harpist, circus sideshow veteran, and transgender street legend. Her infectious cackle and extraordinary talent on piano, harp and accordion has caught her many musical admirers including Will Oldham, Matt Sweeney, Maxim Moston, and Andrew WK, all of whom have produced unique and magnificent albums for her. Her newest release – I Am A Stick – is out on Tin Angel Records.

Light/Sound installation ‘Afterglow’ by Kovács/O’Doherty

‘Afterglow’ is a unique, site-specific sound installation, presented by Kovács/O’Doherty in the giant basement spaces of the Musikbrauerei, as part of the closing event of the Kiezsalon 2016 concert series. Using audio recordings of the previous concerts in the Kiezsalon 2016 series as source material, ‘Afterglow’ will layer sound fragments from a series of different speakers – allowing the recordings to overlay, mix, and to echo in space. In this way, ‘Afterglow’ will play with memory, evoking recognisable parts of past events, now juxtaposed with each other and situated in a radically different environment:

Moiré, We like We and Baby Dee

Saturday, 8th October 2016 | Door 20:00 | Start 21:00 CET
Musikbrauerei | Greifswalder Strasse 23a | 10407 Berlin/Prenzlauer Berg

Photo by Roland Owsnitzki. | | | | Event @ Facebook

The Kiezsalon is curated by Michael Rosen and funded by Musicboard Berlin.
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