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Experimental music meeting w/ Hanoi ° Berlin at Acker Stadt Palast / Saturday-sunday, 09-10.07.2016

In early July Acker Stadt Palast presents for the first time in Berlin two consecutive concerts evenings:
Hanoi ° Berlin is a unique cultural encounter of ten composer-performers, five from each city.

In their two concerts at Acker Stadt Palast the musicians will explore a wide variety of backgrounds and approaches to experimental and improvised music within a line up focussing on string instruments and percussion – from traditional Western and Vietnamese to custom-built instruments and the use of extended techniques – combined with analog and digital electronics.

Each evening will see the premiere of a composed piece for the full 10-piece ensemble – one by Kim Ngoc Tran, one by Andrea Neumann – based on compositional drafts by legendary Vietnamese avant garde artist Vu Dan Tan. But also several smaller constellations will be presented each night, from live-electronics duo and percussion trio to mid-sized electro-acoustic groupings.

Kim Ngoc Tran, vocalist, composer and founder of DomDom (Hub for Experimental Music & Art in Hanoi, since 2012) and inside-piano player Andrea Neumann will perform together with DomDom musicians Nguyen Thuy Dung (Vietnamese 16-string zither), Ngo Tra My (Vietnamese monochord) as well as SonX (percussion) and Luong Hue Trinh (laptop). They will be joined by four other musicians from the Berlin Echtzeitmusik-Scene, percussionists Burkhard Beins and Michael Vorfeld, Boris Baltschun (analog synth) and Berlin-based Australian double-bass player Mike Majkowski.

Hanoi ° Berlin LIVE

Saturday and sunday, 9-10th July 2016 | Start 20:00
Acker Stadt Palast | Ackerstraße 169/170 |10115 Berlin-Mitte


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