Kiezsalon w/ Sven Helbig, Anklepants and Perera Elsewhere at Musikbrauerei / Wednesday, 30.09.2015

From April until October 2015 the Kiezsalon offers a forum for innovative musical activity beyond genre boundaries and is a meeting point for friends as well as loners, conversations and party, lovers and those who are just curious. As an interface between pop music and avantgarde the series presents compact performances by artists from diverse genres, origin and popularity – initiated by Digital in Berlin and taking place at one of the last authentic locations in Prenzlauer Berg, the 120 year old Schneider Brewery.

Sven Helbig belongs to a generation of composers who have removed the border between classical and popular. He is recognized in the world of contemporary classical music as well as in the establishment and underground of popular music. Creative partnerships emerged, such as those with the Fauré Quartett, opera singer René Pape, Kristjan Järvi or the Deutsche Grammophon label on one hand and the Pet Shop Boys, Rammstein or Snoop Dogg on the other. Next to his choir and orchestra compositions for the classical concert stage, Sven Helbig tours with his electronic music. On mallets, controllers and keyboards he adds prepared sounds and samples to his compositions , using all means of electronic altering.

Last year, Sven Helbig received the title “Maestro honorario” from the National University of San Martin in Buenos Aires. Since then he has been working closely with the university on mutual art projects and has given presentations on subjects of intercultural exchange. In 1996, he and Markus Rindt founded the Dresdner Sinfoniker, the first European orchestra exclusively dedicated to contemporary music. In February 2013, Sven Helbig released his debut album Pocket Symphonies at Deutsche Grammophon.

An ongoing mutation through music, character design, creature effects, and animatronics. You are cordially invited to meet the first of many faces of Dr. Reecard Farché, the devious mastermind and shapeshifting convict bred deep in the darkwood of the Australian bush that later absconded to Rise to the Summit of the übergründé. Born in 2008 but producing music in many forms for over a decade beforehand, Anklepants has steadily released over 20 singles, EPs and full-length albums on his own Qwerty Records imprint, with more recent releases on Love Love Records and Detroit Underground. Actively performing all over Europe over the past five years in support of diverse artists such as Christian Fennesz, Dopplereffekt, Luke Vibert, and Lory D, his distinctive face rose to fame through his notorious Boiler Room set alongside Otto von Schirach, Anstam, Candie Hank and NHK’Koyxen this past June 2014 in Berlin.

Jahcoozi singer/songwriter, Sasha Perera, launched her solo project under the name “Perera Elsewhere”. From the grit of dark club to the absorption of indigenous sounds, semi-acoustic, abstract and pop-tinged bliss. Prophetic revelations put to tape. A message in a bottle delivered through cryptic vocals laid to a smoky atlas and a new translation of the world as we know it. These are just shadows of the sentiment that Perera Elsewhere delivers on ‘Everlast’, her 12-track debut LP for Friends of Friends (home to Shlohmo, Tomas Barfod, Salva & more). The video for the single  ‘Bizarre’ was made by long term collaborateur Hugo Holger Schneider.

Sven Helbig (DE) (Deutsche Grammophon)
Anklepants (AU) (Reecard Farché)
Decks: Sasha Perera (UK) (Perera Elsewhere/Jahcoozi)

Wednesday, 30.09.2015 | 20:00 CET
Musikbrauerei | Greifswalder Strasse 23a | 10407 Berlin/Prenzaluer Berg | Facebook | | |

Picture by Roland Owsnitzki
The Kiezsalon is curated by Michael Rosen and funded by Musicboard Berlin.
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