Kiezsalon Paris w/ Hélène Breschand & Rhys Chatham at Place des Vosges / Wednesday, 05.10.2016

There are always some surprises in our year-long Kiezsalon: This time we move to Paris with amazing artists as Hélène Breschand and Rhys Chatham.

Hélène Breschand is a highly versatile musician who works across several genres, from contemporary music to Jazz. She has a career as both a soloist and a chamber musician and her works includes, improvisation, musical theatre and the visual arts. She works with composers such as Luciano Berio, Emmanuel Nunes, Yoshihisa Taira and collaborates regularly with theatre and dance companies. In 2012, she played harp in David Toop’s performance ‘Star-shaped Biscuit’. She is also a co-founder of the group Laborintus.

Pitchfork wrote earlier this year ” Rhys Chatham was a flute player until he heard the Ramones and switched to guitar. That’s an oversimplification of the pioneering musician and composer’s history, but it still says a lot about his unique methods. Throughout his 45-year career, Chatham has translated styles associated with instruments like the flute—classical, formal, studied—into the primal power of rock-based electric guitar.”

Pythagorean Dream (released in May this year) marks Rhys Chatham’s change of direction from such large-scale recent works as the 400 guitars composition Guitar Trio Is My Life!, the 2006 release upon which he revisited his no wave breakthrough composition “Guitar Trio” (1977) with an ensemble featuring the entire guitar section of Sonic Youth, members of Swans, Tortoise, Godspeed You! Black Emperor, Modern Lovers, A Silver Mt Zion and Hüsker Dü.
By contrast, Pythagorean Dream is an entirely solo effort composed, performed (on guitar, trumpet and C, alto and bass flutes), produced, engineered and mastered by Chatham.

Hélène Breschand and Rhys Chatham

Wednesday, 5th October 2016 | Door 20:00 | Start 20:30 CET
Salon de musique | Place des Vosges in Paris | Facebook Event

The Kiezsalon is curated by Michael Rosen and funded by Musicboard Berlin.
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