Photo Credit: Kaleidoskop Kallinchen

Kaleidoscope Festival at Kulturhof Kallinchen / Saturday, 2.7.2022

Kaleidoscope Festival is an open-air cultural experience that opens a farm with three buildings as a new cultural and meeting place in the village Kallinchen. The public can move around, discover the new place and artists. There is space to meet, exchange ideas and enjoy regional food in a relaxed atmosphere. Like the image of a kaleidoscope, this evening combines music, sound, composition and improvisation with visual art and performance, with: accordion player Silke Lange, trombonist Florian Juncker, electronic artists Paula Schopf, a sound installation by Christina Kubisch, art installations by Sue Hayward and Kai Schiemenz and some other artists.

Basis of the project is a podcast series funded by the Miteinander Reden project of the Federal Agency for Civic Education, which makes music stories audible in conversations with local people and the nearby surroundings. The personal playlists make individual lives and life in the village community tangible as a musical landscape. The musicians invited to the festival can draw on this musical fund for their work, but they can also collect their own personal sounds on site and incorporate them into the musical events.

Prior to each festival, a week of rehearsals and construction gives the artists the opportunity to appropriate the entire area of the farm as a space for art, but also to come together with the local population in communal dinners. In this way, the courtyard becomes a place of lively togetherness, an open studio, which ultimately leads to the festival, which at the same time opens the exhibition, which can then be visited on the two following weekends (9/10 and 16/17 July).

Kaleidoscope Festival

2.7.2022 | Doors 18:00 / Starts 19:00 / Concert 20:00 CET
Kulturhof Kallinchen | Hauptstrasse 27 | 15806 Zossen / OT Kallinchen

Kallinchen is in the south and around 30 minutes away from Berlin by car, easy to reach via A13, exit Bestensee. You can take the train to Zossen as well – the buses are going very rarely but you can reach the Kulturhof by bike in around 30 minutes. | Tickets | How to get there?

Funded by: Musikfonds e.V. by means of the Federal Government Commissioner for Culture and Media (BKM), as part of the NEUSTART KULTUR recovery programme, by Land Brandenburg and the MITEINANDER REDEN project of the Federal Agency for Civic Education.
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