Vernissage/Exhibition | Julie Sparsø Damkjær | 06.11.08

Video Art / Opening: 06.12.08, 08:00pm / Live Performance at the opening throughout the evening from 08:00pm-11:00pm

Exhibition: 06.12.08 – 20.12.08 / ART CLAIMS IMPULSE, Lübbener Str. 5, 10997 Berlin / Opening times: Tue-Sat, 2:00pm-8pm

Untitled (2008) 7’-10’ / sleep_sleep02 (2008) 21’19’’ / Whisper (2005) 2’50’’

Julie Sparsø Damkjær creates work of a captivating intensity using different visual language forms and styles to express the both sublime and provocative issues she explores.
In her latest piece, a joint improvisation with dancer Elisa Fernández Arteta, developed at Art Claims Impulse in Nov/Dec 2008, she focuses on the issues of duality, discrepancy and diremption. Loosing and regaining control, finding a flow and playing with the unexpected turn and twist becomes the basis of the explorative and performative work. The piece will be performed live at the opening night, on Saturday, 06.12.08 throughout the evening from 08pm-11pm.

sleep_sleep02 is a soft and subtle piece, which nevertheless develops an unexpected and disquieting dynamism around the creeping danger of the situation and the vulnerability and peacefulness that it expresses.

Whisper is a video piece revolving around the conflict of control and passivity or passive resistance, of power and apathy, of refusal and acceptance.