Groupshow today live in berlin at Liveatdot

Groupshow is a trio consisting of Jan Jelinek, Hanno Leichtmann & Andrew Pekler.

Although instrumental roles have yet to be finalized, Jan Jelinek tends to use a computer, effects boxes and a mixer to make sounds while Hanno Leichtmann frequently hits drums, cymbals and synthetic drum pads. At the same time, Andrew Pekler is often seen adjusting the settings of his guitar effects pedals.
The resulting Groupshow sound can be described as a process of oscillation between the two poles of silence and noise, punctuated by periodic bursts of actual music.

The individual pieces of music are usually constructed by using various combinations of the following three strategies: (a). starting quietly (b). becoming louder (c). becoming softer. Further strategies are currently in the research & development phase.

Jan Jelinek – Do Dekor

Andrew Pekler live at Ahornfelder Festival 2006