Jazzwoche Berlin / 7 days of jazz, discourse & improvised music | 7.-13.06.2021

Still in a state of emergency and extremely burdened by the artistic and economic pressures and restrictions of the permanent lockdown, the scene remains in constant motion: Jazzwoche Berlin #3 focuses on the city’s independent jazz and improvised music scene.

The essential elements that will determine the entire Jazzwoche – diverse music and polyphonic discourse, will already be on display on Sunday, June 6, under the headline “Streamboat – The Prologue to Jazzwoche Berlin #3“. It will be a joint production of venue organizers, artists and IG Jazz Berlin and will take place on a boat touring the river Spree. The prologue symbolizes the situation in which the entire cultural scene has found itself for over a year now: largely removed from the public space, reduced to rather incidental attention and perceivable only through the filters of smartphones and computer screens.

Highlights include the following live streams of concerts from Berlin clubs: Jazz aus Berlin 105 (JAB 105) with Uwe Kropinsky & Witch ‘n’ Monk on Tuesday; Future Bash Vol. 37 with Felix Henkelhausen and Ludwig Wandinger, feat. Liz Kosack & Nick Dunston on Wednesday or the Gratkowski/Schröder/Deller/Breu Quartet on Friday. These and other streams are all accessible free of charge via the channels of the organizers and linked via jazzwoche.berlin

The venues for jazz and improvised music can be found in many districts of the city. Unfortunately, they continue to be closed to the public. Nevertheless, these cultural venues need to remain visible in the public space. That’s why the participating clubs have developed a concept which brings the music to the people in various districts throughout the entire Jazzwoche.

Solo artists will move from club to club by bicycle rickshaw, as if in a kind of musical relay. Music is played on the road, at spontaneous stops and with the following musician* at the changeover outside the next closed club door: musical interventions for a random audience on the spot as a sign of life of the scene and symbol of the standing together of clubs and artists* in crisis. These performances will be streamed live, routes and participating clubs can be viewed on the Jazzwoche Berlin #3 website.

In addition, in the midst of Jazzwoche Berlin #3, the Berlin Jazz Award will be awarded for the fifth time on June 9th. Awarded by the Berlin Senate and the Rundfunk Berlin Brandenburg (rbb), this year’s prize goes to the pianist and composer Hannes Zerbe, who as a musician, orchestra leader and organizer has shaped the Berlin scene for more than four decades. The award ceremony and concert will be streamed by Jazzwoche media partner rbb Kultur from the A-Trane.

The podcast series Jazz.leben Stimmen aus der Szene was already very popular last year. This unique format gives players in the scene the opportunity to speak for themselves. During Jazzwoche Berlin #3, a variety of current issues will again be addressed in unfiltered conversation with each other, e.g. with host Ketan Bhatti. The composer, drummer and border crosser between different genres and cultures dedicates himself to the thematic complex of classism, racism, privilege and structural disadvantage under the headline “Talking about privilege”. All discourse events and podcasts are available digitally and accessible free of charge.

The constantly updated program overview of Jazzwoche Berlin #3 can be found at: jazzwoche.berlin

Jazzwoche Berlin #3 / 7 days of jazz, improvised music and discourse | 7.-13.06.2021

Participating venues + projects: A-Trane / b-flat / Berlin Solo Impro / Club GRETCHEN /dialogue concerts / Donau115 / Future Bash in der Zukunft am Ostkreuz / Greve Studio / Into The Shed / Jazz am Helmholtzplatz / Jazz am Kaisersteg / Jazz aus Berlin 105 / Jazzdor Berlin / Jazz im Kiez / Jazzexzess / Jazzfest Berlin | Berliner Festspiele / jazzkeller 69 e.V. / Jazzkollektiv Berlin / Jazzlights at Glühlampe / KIM Collective / KlangWorte – Jazz trifft auf Literatur / KM28 / Kühlspot Social Club / Kunstfabrik Schlot / Mastul / noisy Rooms / House of Music / P.A.N.D.A Theater / Peppi Guggenheim / Quasimodo / rejazz-festival / Sowieso / XJAZZ Sessions / Zig Zag / Jazz Club / Zukunft am Ostkreuz

Patron of the Jazzwoche Berlin #3 is the Berlin Senator for Culture and Europe, Dr. Klaus Lederer. Initiator and organizer of the Jazz Week is IG Jazz Berlin. Presented by field notes, the platform for contemporary music and jazz, supported by inm – initiative neue musik Berlin. Supported by the Senate Department for Culture and Europe and by Musikfonds e. V. with project funds from the Federal Government Commissioner for Culture and the Media.
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