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J.A.W x YOU´RE A MELODY Pt. 2 w/ Floating Points, Antal, Lay, Mafalda at Prince Charles / Thursday, 24.03.2016

After a memorable first edition last year, J.A.W join forces once again with the luminary Floating Points to present the second Berlin chapter of his own party series “You´re A Melody” with, alongside the Eglo co-founder, Amsterdam reference label & record shop Rush Hour boss & music addict Antal together with London based & serious selectors Lay & Mafalda.

Amsterdam’s Rush Hour founder Antal is a hugely versatile DJ that can wave together house and techno or Afro and disco just as ably. He’s been doing it since the Nineties and has done so from the States to Australia, Europe to Asia at the same time as digging deep into many musical forms away from the dance.

For those in the know, Rush Hour – the label he runs with a close group of key people – is a faultless record label and cherished store. As well as releasing the most exciting new music, the label is famed for its on-point re-issues of forgotten old classics whilst the shop stocks records bought on crate digging trips around the world.

It was the arrival of a Studer A80 master recorder at the front door of Sam Shepherd – otherwise known as Floating Points – that caused him to begin building the studio that led to the creation of his debut album, Elaenia. After a slight miscalculation meant that he could not physically get the thing inside his home, what happened next can only be described as a beautiful example of the butterfly effect.


Breaking away from making electronic music on his laptop, the DJ, producer and composer spent the next five years engineering Elaenia, all the while deejaying in cities across the globe and working towards his PhD in neuroscience. An incredibly special album that draws inspiration from classical, jazz, electronic music, soul and even Brazilian popular music, Elaenia – named after the bird of the same name – is the epitome of the forward-thinking Floating Points vision.

From the Cdr-Projects website: “Upon moving from the late-noughties into our current decade inner city interconnectivity seemed to take over from MySpace highs which had helped facilitate new ways of international music making and exchange. Digital runnings can only ever offer so much and it was through various London club nights a new generation grew. At Plastic People, Nonsense, Deviation (at different spots), Eglo bashes… This is where I recall Layla Rutherford, warm in demeanour and with good people beside her.

When Arale 01 surfaced, a 7” Layla compiled for Kilowatt Music presenting UK beatmaker Ben Jones and the under-championed singer Muhsinah, I figured a follow up would come not so long after. Well, it took five years but now it has: Layla’s own Portrait 01. The lead track ‘Seeds’ is wow. Really, the way it works over the whole seven minutes. As Dego’s said (referencing Theo Parrish’s style): it allows people to get it.

And ‘Seeds’ keeps on, with changes in motion, elements brought in no matter that the end’s close. (Still) It rises. Guitar from Sunita Sagger and beautiful vocals (Layla’s surely?): “People…” ‘Mankind’ enters just a silent beat after the opener. Now with Dr Sam Shepherd (Floating Points) co-producing, the tempo gently ups. It’s later in the night (you know). Pulsing all the way, it’s a treat to hear the extra layers Dr Sam brings in unison with Layla’s sound.”

Presented by Digital in Berlin. Check out our Facebook page to win tickets.

J.A.W x YOU´RE A MELODY Pt. 2 w/ Floating Points, Antal, Lay, Mafalda

Thursday, 24th March 2016 | 23:59 CET
Prince Charles | Prinzenstraße 85F | 10969 Berlin/Kreuzberg

soundcloud.com/floatingpoints | soundcloud.com/antalrushhour | soundcloud.com/layla-rutherford | princecharlesberlin.com


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