Pharoah Sanders Quartet and Rabih Beaini at Festsaal Kreuzberg / Wednesday 14.11.2017

Promoting events is also about making (his own) dreams come true. Probably one of the last giants still alive, an absolute reference for a whole generation of musicians, producers, djs & music lovers worldwide. We feel blessed and honoured to welcome Mr. *Pharoah Sanders*, 14 years after his last appearance in Berlin with his own Quartet (and not simply as a guest) & almost 40 years since his first appearance at the Phillarmonie with Don Cherry, Albert Mangelsdorff & Joachim Kühn. Period. Dear friend & fascinating producer *Rabih Beaini* – boss of the excellent Morphine Records – is co-promoting this night & will have the exciting task to start this journey on stage with an only synthetizers act for the occasion.

Pharoah Sanders possesses one of the most distinctive tenor saxophone sounds in jazz. Harmonically rich and heavy with overtones, Sanders’ sound can be as raw and abrasive as it is possible for a saxophonist to produce. Yet, Sanders is highly regarded to the point of reverence by a great many jazz fans. Although he made his name with expressionistic, nearly anarchic free jazz in John Coltrane’s late ensembles of the mid-’60s, Sanders’ later music is guided by more graceful concerns.

In the decades after his first recordings with Coltrane, Sanders developed into a more well-rounded artist, capable of playing convincingly in a variety of contexts, from free to mainstream. Some of his best work is his most accessible. As a mature artist, Sanders discovered a hard-edged lyricism that has served him well.

Rabih Beaini aka Morphosis is a lone voice in electronic music. Few people thread as challenging and intriguing live shows as him, where dark wave, krautrock, post everything and techno all sit together in haunted hardware harmony. His own Morphine label is just as sonically unpredictable, so too his own cultured remixes or stunning long players such as the immediately timeless and standout ouvre that was ‘What We Have Learned’.

Unfamiliar and unmissable, the Lebanese artist’s productions sound as live and alive as anything he does in the club, truly making him in a class of one.

Pharoah Sanders Quartet and Rabih Beaini LIVE

Am Flutgraben 2 | 12435 Berlin
Wednesday 14th of November | | facebook event

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