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Charlemagne Palestine & Stine Janvin at Sophienkirche / Tuesday 14.112017

The experimental “Music in Churches” series closes the year with a special appearance from American self-described “maximalist composer” Charlemagne Palestine on the massive organ of the Sophienkirche. A contemporary of Terry Riley, Phill Niblock, and Steve Reich, Palestine plays intense, ritualistic music intended to unsettle audiences’ expectations of what is beautiful and meaningful in music.

A composer-performer originally trained to be a cantor, in this concert Palestine will construct overtone clusters sounding like a waterfall and absorbing the listeners in the surrounding architecture of the church.

In a similar way, composer and performer Stine Janvin shifts the focus towards the acoustic and psychoacoustic effects of repetitive, though deconstructed patterns and rave rhythms. Stine employs her voice to imitate multi-layered synthesizer sequences, light and darkness to disorient our perception, and create unnatural aural soundscapes of almost mystical beauty

Charlemagne Palestine & Stine Janvin LIVE

14th November2017 | Doors 19:30 CET | Starts 20:00 CET
Sophienkirche | Große Hamburger Str. 29-30 | 10115 Berlin

Manuela Benetton | Event @ Facebook

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