D/B Recommended: Jason Urick & David Birchall & Mike Kitcher @ Mme Claude Berlin | Monday, 14.05.2012

Jason Urick explores a world of sound left to the far reaches of outer space. Building on the gentle ambient washes of sound from his debut LP Husbands and the more rhythmic and distorted tones of Fussing & Fighting, Urick strives to bridge the gap between the familiar and the unfamiliar with I Love You.

Recorded at WORM in Rotterdam, at the Floristree in Baltimore, and at home in and around Portland, the sounds were entirely manipulated, mixed, and constructed on his laptop.

The end result is an eerie sound scape of fractured tones, warm sheets of sound, and cryptic voices. Rhythmic pulses underpin the songs, enticing the listener to explore every intricate detail.

Jason Urick | Ageless Isms

David Birchall started playing the guitar in 1994 and has continued to ever since, gigging and touring extensively with a variety of groups all around the world. He has also made performances with dancers and performance artists at different venues in UK.

Realising a few years ago he spent most of his time trying to improvise within the musics he played whether structured or open, he has since consciously tried to locate improvisation at the core of his musical work.

Spawned in the epicenter of culture and variety known as Huddersfield near Leeds in the UK and relocating to Berlin in 2006 in the hope of finding greener grass, Mike Kitcher’s debut ep titled “stumbling upon a disused moment” is a unique collection of sparse and melodic compositions put together using software based instruments coexisting with the contrasting sounds of his field recording endeavors.

These include a day trip to ‘ToysRus’ … a live metronome, elastic bands, boiling kettle, the dismantlement of a piano and the delicate sound of falling pins, all of which create a collage of intricate abstractisms, each piece with it’s own diverse tale.

Jason Urich, David Birchall & Mike Kitcher  LIVE
presented by Experimontag

Monday, 14 May 2012 | 21:00 CET
Mme Claude | Lübbener Str.19 | 10997 Berlin/Kreuzberg

jasonurick.com | davidmbirchall.wordpress.com | myspace.com/mikekitcher | madameclaude.de