Hypernatural Sounds #4: objet autre at SomoS / Sunday, 12.02.2017

The hypernatural sounds #4 investigates “objet petit a” — as in autre, the other. Deriving from the psychoanalytic theory of Jacques Lacan, objet petit a stands for the unattainable object of desire, our emphasis is on the relationships that arise between the musician and objects that pertain the sounds. This session will involve the musicians Mario de Vega (objects, contact, feedback), d´incise (laptop & objets percussives), Daichi Yoshikawa (feedback & objects), particular examples of these oscillating relationships in their choices of aesthetics and instruments — all using common objects as sound sources. The concerts are followed by a discussion with the musicians and guest theorists.

In the discussion that will follow, we talk about the role of objects in artistic practice as well as part of contemporary discourses and how we – the artists as well as the audience – experience the material through opening up its qualities in a performative act. How much does the discourses around new materialism, technofossils, and hyperobjects represent a desire for something beyond the human consciousness, some metaphysical reality beyond what is perceptible to our senses? Instead of just thinking about objects as something that always conceals itself – what new ways of engaging with can we find in musical practice?

Laurent Peter, a.k.a. d’incise, drifting musician, grew up in between dub sound system and experimental electronic music. Sound explorer, he has no particular instrument, using whatever can be considered as such, softwares, recordings, objects, percussions, harmonium, etc. He’s interested in improvised or composed context, tending to extract the most tiny details of the elements, appreciates slowness and obsessive explorations of simple processes.

Exploring the physicality of listening and the threshold of human perception, Mario de Vega researches the materiality of sound, the vulnerability of systems, materials and individuals, and the potential of unstable systems.

Cyclist and artist Daichi Yoshikawa is interested in the spaces we can construct together through the intensities of live performance. His practice is feedback. His work is the push and pull of extremes: pitch, volume and gesture.

Hypernatural Sounds is a series curated by Pedro Lopes and Desiree Förster. This series brings together musicians and theorists for sharing with the audience the philosophy behind sound art and music.

Hypernatural Sounds #4: objet autre

Sunday, 12th Feb 2017 | 16:00 CET
SomoS | Kottbusser Damm 95 | 10976 Berlin-Neukölln

hypernatural-sounds.org | somos-arts.org | Event@Facebook


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